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  1. I am looking at replacing my factory 20 inch rims on my 2019 Sierra SLT. I want to keep factory tires 275/60/20. What size do I need to look for to fit over brake calibers?
  2. So adding a spacer will allow you to install older gm rims? Any drawbacks to adding a spacer?
  3. Chrome molding

    Added it to mine as well yesterday.
  4. ONLY a level

    No difference in ride. 2 inch level from ready lift.
  5. Chrome side molding

    Is this the same ones as the pictures you posted drucker?
  6. Chrome side molding

    Is this what it is? In gm accessory store for 2018
  7. Chrome side molding

    Now that is what I am talking about. Keep us posted. I wonder what the measurements are on these pieces? Wonder if Sierra and Silverado 2019’s have same door measurements because that look in picture is what I want.
  8. I am not a fan of step bars and would really like to take my step bars off my 2019 Sierra. Problem is that its the only door protection you have from door dings. I wish someone could make some chrome door trim for the 2019's. I do realize the SIERRA emblem on side door would have to come off though.
  9. WTS: 2014 OEM Wheels 20x9 Chrome

    Hate to ask this but do you know the part number on the center caps on this rim? I have the exact rim but can't find a center cap to fit correctly.
  10. 2014 chrome GMC center caps

    Still have center caps?
  11. Michelin LT MS/2 on Sierra 1500

    Now that you have had tires for a few weeks how do you like them? What was the MPG hit if any?
  12. I was wondering from those of you that have these size tires what kind of MPG hit did you take? I have everything stock on my 2009 Sierra crew cab 4x4 with leveling kit? I do mostly highway riding. I do not think I would take a big hit with the 275/65's but would rather go with the bigger tire. I guess either one would be better than the stock 265/65's that come on the truck looks wise. Thoughts? Original Poster bizkit Newbie Posts: 7 Topics: 2 Images: 1 Blogs: 0 Joined: May 24 2014, 10:34am Location: N.C. Year: 2009 Make/Model: GMC Sierra Extra Info: 4x4 crew cab Group Membership: • Registered users
  13. I own a 2009 SLT Sierra 4x4 and it is tire time. The dealership put the 2 inch leveler in the front. I am trying to decide which tire will fit and which tire will look the best on my truck between 285/65/18 or 275/70/18. I am looking at the michelin ltx a/t2 tires or bfgoodrich. Most of my miles are hwy miles but I do want a somewhat aggressive tire look. Any suggestions?

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