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  1. that area is pretty nice down there. I was down there for a week camping.
  2. Nice truck SpecialOps352 seen it on IG other day pretty cool. Heres my handicapped ride as well from the other day in Pismo
  3. Thanks man....I like them too and the adams brought the shine out of them as I hear that most AFs aren't polished that great from the factory.
  4. My rims are new but trying to keep them clean and nice since they are polished aluminum so got some adams metal polish part 2 and gave it a try. I think it worked well and would recommend it to anyone as the results were awesome. Was easy to put on and take off. There is a part 1 also but since these were new I didn't feel there was a need to do part 1. Also got some adams quick sealant to seal them up to hopefully prevent having to polish all the time. Here is a few pics: left before right after: and a few closeups:
  5. Thanks! it has a Rancho 4 inch kit but really its a 6 inch kit.
  6. Ya I think it cleans it up nicely Thanks fellas! Thanks bud...Ya no worries everyone has their own taste and may not like changes but I think they look good so that's all that matters to me. got the center caps finally....few updated but dirty truck pics
  7. put some rear fender liners in...think it cleans it up a bit
  8. Thanks bro nah no flares atleast not at this time....my other setup stuck out also but these probably stick out another inch then when it was on x10s so not that much of a difference to me ya its just fine
  9. 90s style wheels? lol. stretched a lil I guess but 12 inch rim and 12.5 inch tire so not like its a 14 inch rim on a 12.5 inch tire. thanks man....I know most wont like it in here lol but posted it up anyway.
  10. I don't like the looks of them.....if I have to put them on I will but until then....no flaps
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