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  1. Mine did that when the fluid got old. I used the AC Delco oil and it works great. http://www.crateenginedepot.com/Quadrasteer-75-90W-Lubricant-12378557-88862624-P19063.aspx
  2. I'm a little late on this but I'll throw in my $0.02. I've never turned off my Quadrasteer. It's just too cool and handy in daily driving. I have over 200K on mine and I've never spent a dime on the rear axle.
  3. Quadrasteer is awesome. Yeah, it's great for parking lots and for backing trailers, but it's also amazing on the highway with or without a trailer. Emergency lane changes are drama free. Mine has about 205K miles on it and I haven't spent a dime on it. It may turn out that I have an issue when I do need parts, but that truck with only 54K miles on it has years of use left in it. If I find a low mileage one near me, I'll probably have to pick it up.
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