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  1. That was it. Detailed the interior so I did it. Thanks
  2. 2017 Denali 2500HD When the key is removed and the driver door is open the door chime is very rapid. Not the normal door chime when you leave your key in the ignition and open the door. This just started the other day. I have no codes or display messages. Does not say "check the back seat" Anybody have this happen or know how to fix this issue? I have had no issues until I hit 65k miles now having small issues starting.
  3. The check engine light came on when the fuel was low and went out when I filled it up. The low fuel warning does work. The CEL could of been from something else and it was just a coincidence? I currently have no CEL on my dash I pulled codes this morning and it did find code P133B Looks like a glow plug issue or a software update is needed.
  4. First time this has happened to my 2017 Denali duramax. My truck has 65k miles. I ran under a quarter tank for a week or so as I was not driving it far. I first noticed it as my truck would not use the remote start. After I filled my tank it was gone. I ordered a code reader so I have not looked to see if it has any codes yet.
  5. The hot spot in my truck sucks ass. It goes about a minute or two between dropping the connection then reconnecting. I live in a desert so there is nothing blocking the signal. I have a new S10 phone that is fully up to date and does not cut out anyplace else. Streaming music is a joke so have to go off the phone plan. Anyone else have connection issues? Truck is a 2017 Denali 2500
  6. I have noticed lately on my 2017 2500HD Diesel at speeds below 40 when I am coasting and barely use the throttle the truck will start to buck back and forth until you give it more throttle or coast again. Truck has about 25K miles on it. Seems like it is in the wrong gear when you step on the throttle.
  7. Thanks for the responses as they have been very helpful and I have been doing some homework too. After lots of looking at pricing, models (looking at LTZ or Denali), and mileage it looks like I am either looking at an 08-2010 low mileage (under 100k) or a 2011-2014 with high mileage (120-180k range) truck. Also, this truck will mainly be for towing our boat and travel trailer and not a daily driver so it will not be accumulating a lot of miles after I get it. thanks again for any responses as I only have friends with ford or dodge diesels and they love to talk crap about the duramax but the ford guy always has his truck at the dealership and the dodge guy never drives his LOL.
  8. thanks you did bring up the tuner situation. I am looking for a stock truck with no aftermarket stuff. One thing I have found is why are 80% of used all lifted with big tires? What would be an acceptable mileage for a used duramax? Obviously the price changes with more mileage but I was really leaning for something under 100k miles if I can swing it. Is this low or should I look at 150k rigs obviously depending on the condition and ownership.
  9. I currently have a 2003 GMC 1500HD that just turned over 200k with basically no issues but last year we got both a 35 foot travel trailer (not light) and a 30 ft offshore power boat. Though this truck has pulled both I can tell it is getting tired and I need to step up as all of my towing will be going up to Lake Tahoe most of the time. I wish I could afford a new truck but I will have to buy used and looking for something after a 2008 for the newer body style. I am looking for a shortbed HD crewcab and wondering if there are any years that may be better than others, or certain options as far as the powertrain to look for as I have never had a diesel before. All my friend have Dodges or Fords so I can't talk to them LOL. Any information is appreciated. thanks Scott
  10. Problem solved, if you have an Audiovox DVD player it is not stock and will not tie into your stock radio or at least mine is not. Thought it was stock but obviously it is not.
  11. I have a 2004 Denali XL that has the full bose system including disk changer, NAV and rear dvd with headsets as well as the wired headphone jacks on the rear seat audio controller. According to the manual you are able to play the audio from a dvd playing for the rear passengers over the car speakers. Here are the instructions. Audio OutputAudio from the RSE system DVD player or auxiliary inputs may be heard through the following possible sources: • Wireless infrared headphones • Vehicle speakers • Vehicle wired headphone jacks on rear seat audio controller (if equipped) The RSE system will always transmit the audio signal by infrared to the wireless headphones, if there is audio available. The RSE system is capable of outputting audio to the vehicle speakers by pressing the CD button on the vehicle's radio. The RSE system may be selected as an audio source on the radio if the RSE system power is on. Once the RSE system is selected as an audio source on the radio you may adjust the speaker volume on the radio to control the volume of the audio to the speakers. If the RSE system power is not on, the RSE system will not be an available source on the radio head unit. Please refer to the operating instructions for the vehicle radio for more information on its operation. The RSE system is capable of outputting audio to the wired headphone jacks on the rear seat audio controller if the vehicle is so equipped. The RSE system may be selected as an audio source on the Rear Seat Audio controller if the RSE system power is on. Please refer to the operating instructions for the Rear Seat Audio Controller for more information on its operation. The problem I have is there is no RSE showing on the radio or if I press the CD button it will not switch to or show RSE. I have tried having no CD's in either the deck or the CD changer but no combination seems to work. I also have the remote but there are no choices on it that have helped. The headsets work fine but I have not tried the wired headphone jacks. It seems like the DVD system is not talking to the main stereo. Any help is appreciated. thanks Scott
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