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  1. Let's not forget sound quality that this system offers. Granted, I already had Alpine speakers installed and a subwoofer installed under the back seat but the sound quality from this unit blows away the Alpine head unit I had before. Sound quality was a huge factor for me as that's what I use most going to work everyday. I was a bit hesitant in getting this system as I hadn't heard it before I bought it. But it sounds fantastic. So, it's not just the navigation that is fantastic (my friend who has had 2 BMWs says it's one of the best navigation systems he has seen) but the sound quality is excellent, the bluetooth works very well with my phone, and the factory integration is pretty darn good, too. Only missing a few chimes when the key is off and the keys are still in the ignition (or headlights are still on with the manual setting). Is it expensive? Yep, it is. But if you get the factory system when you purchase a vehicle how much is that? This is so much better. Anyhow, just my 2 cents. I also just noticed the other evening when I was waiting for a friend in my truck that if you are facing west with the navigation turned on and the sun is setting there is also a sun that goes down in the navigation, too. That was pretty flipping cool!!! I didn't see it go all the way down but I watched it drop for a bit as it descended towards the horizon. If for nothing else you have to get this system to watch the sunset. Can't leave out the service that Walt provided. And you'll get excellent support for the product. It's easy to access the updates and the instructions for installation are excellent. (still enjoy the system, Walt. Thank you!!)
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