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  1. Here how bad the tires were on mine from the road force balance test they all failed. It rides like a completely different truck after replacing them.
  2. I purchased a 2020 2500 Denali and had the steering wobble and truck vibration at high speeds since day one. My first trip to the dealership after 500 miles they did the “update” and told me it was fixed. Drove it home and still had the wobble and vibration . Took to a local shop and had all 4 tires balanced and was told They were out of balance and I was good to go. Drove it home and still had the wobble and vibration. Just dropped the truck off at the dealership over the weekend and they called me Tuesday and found out after doing a road force balance on all
  3. It works great. I ran a wire from the mirror down the passenger side pillar to the passenger side fuse panel.
  4. I noticed the same thing after having passengers in the back i had fingerprints all along the pillar. I was confused why i never noticed this on my last truck.
  5. BadStickMan

    IMG 4368

    Yes completely stock . I think it sits better then my 2010 i traded in.
  6. Same issue here would love to know if anyone has figured this out.
  7. BadStickMan

    2010 Sierra 1500

    My New Truck. I switched from a Ford to Gmc!
  8. I would be parking somewhere else then.
  9. but how can i tell if a sensor is bad? If your sensors are bad you will hit something.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Where did you get that at? Does it make a difference in your radio? look good
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