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  1. My first truck was a new 1997 Ford Ranger XLT. Was not a bad truck for me at the time. I was in college. I kept it about 4 years. My second truck was a 2001 Ford Ranger 4x4 extended cab. I kept it a few years. Then I had a couple SUVs. Now I really love the Sierra I have currently.
  2. The Line-X looks good pknitty86 And depending on what cover you get, you can always add a set of bedrail caps if you desire to do so.
  3. Very good. You will love it. Are you going over or under the rails?
  4. Looks good. Where did you get the rims from? I am currently looking for the same rims..and have been for a month or so. I've found a couple fair deals, but keep hoping that if I hold out I will find an even better deal.
  5. My caps were sprayed over as well. Looks good and I have no intentions of using the cms.
  6. 09Lowes...why is your truck 500 miles away currently?
  7. It is dark blue. I am from the Bloomington area.
  8. Looking good guys. Here is my 08 RCSB Sierra 4x4.
  9. I just got an aftermarket remote start put on my 08 Sierra. It is just a basic remote start. That is all I wanted. It was $229 installed.
  10. Thanks Daddy! I just happen to come across this thread. I pulled my panel off to make sure my DIC connector was there and it is! I bought my 08 Sierra this summer, so this mod is new to me! I found it on gmpartsdirect.com for $86.60 shipped. I'm so excited about it that I am willing to pay a little more if a local dealership has one in stock. I am gonna call some GM dealerships at work tomorrow morning. If they don't have any or are priced quite a bit higher..I will be ordering my from gmpartsdirect.

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