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  1. This guy is a scammer!!  Bought a part and no replies or part. Everyone beware of this puke!! 

  2. Oh yeah forgot to mention....it’s done !! 106.5” belt
  3. I actually am about to take them off and run a 33x15x15 mt pro drag. I have a couple little things to finish then I’ll see what it can do
  4. Got the last pulley on ! My belt calculation was about an inch off I didn’t account for the iw pulleys being different than stock diameter to offset the 10% od on the balancer . All pulleys are aligned within .005”!!!!! I think I get to say I’m the very first 8 rib l86!!!!
  5. I have the short block out of my truck that was installed by my dealership with just 2k miles on it. Includes the block and reciprocating assembly. I will take western union or a cashiers check or cash only as PayPal and I have parted ways. Local pickup preferred but will ship. Only removed to install a 416 stroker. This engine spins freely. Will honor refunds if you are not satisfied but return shipping will be on your dime. I can be reached. At 8708150606 or [email protected] also have tons of other parts just let me know what you need $2000 for the short block minus cam and timing set.
  6. Ok I’m installIng the balancer today and pressing on the water pump pulley to the exact depth. On the two water pumps I have the pulley measures .6 “ from the back of the pulley to the face of the pump mounting /sealing surface. Should fire it up today but I had to order new stretch fit belts for the ac and vacuum pump
  7. Also the blower pulley I’m using is a 3.00 from weapon x that is designed for an lt4 ctsv with a whipple. Lines up well with the other pulleys , this idler needs spacing away from the whipple idler bracket it rubs against it
  8. I will say you will need an adp tool for the alternator, a three jaw balancer puller, and the water pump will use a standard three jaw puller and needs a press for installIng the new pulley. Removing the impeller/shaft/pulley from the housing is the only way to do it but it’s super easy if you notice there are 6 holes in the pulley which make it really easy to get to.
  9. I’m doing it right now should be finished tomorrow . I’m supposed to write up some instructions for innovators West so I’ll post them here as well
  10. Here’s a quick rev 85A15590-1E6A-4C6E-9DEE-68F7896FF0E7.MOV
  11. I know I’ve gotten by with adding the 100mm idler to get a smidge more belt wrap in previous builds.
  12. I think I added one more larger idler to try after this order but other than that yes. I have the puller for the balancer coming in tomorrow and I’ll knock this out and let you know any troubles. I do have a spare water pump handy I expect that to be the troublesome one. But Chris rose from iw said he didn’t have much trouble getting his off his truck to spec out for the kit. The car pulleys can be a real pain but in the past the trucks have been easier for me. What’s your setup now? Pulley size etc

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