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  1. I'm not sure, I dynoed all mods at once.
  2. Does anyone know if the 2018 factory Flex Fuel trucks use a sensor or are virtual? If someone has one, would they mind sharing the factory HPT tune? Truck must have FHS RPO code. Thanks in advance.
  3. Exactly why I bought mine. Are they even going to release RCSBs for '19+? I'm not so sure. Plus, the fact they haven't cracked the ECMs yet held me off getting a '19. When I saw this article is sealed the deal for me. Last RCSB I had was in 1990. https://www.autotrader.com/car-news/why-does-short-bed-single-cab-pickup-even-exist-271080
  4. FYI... 2018 RCSB GMC Sierra with Belltech shackles and the block removed. 2018 Yukon stock. Both vehicles parked side by side in driveway. 4 clockwise turns on the Sierra adjusters brought them in line with the Yukon.
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