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  1. I really miss a tele steering wheel. My truck does not have the pedals that adjust, anyone ever retrofit them?
  2. I run E85 almost exclusively in my 5.3. Yes, the mileage drops from 11.5 MPG to about 9.8 MPG. The cost difference at the pump is 31¢, so the cost to run E85 vs gas is negligible for me. I like the performance & lower emissions of the E85. YMMV, literally.
  3. Will the stock ones from a crewcab K2XX fit the mounting for a crewcab GMT-900? I keep seeing take-offs advertised as they fit 07-16. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. Yes. There is a shelf for it under the trim on the dash. The unit comes with a metal plate that sticks to the shelf & the antenna is magnetic.
  5. Good question. Hopefully Walt will chime in.
  6. I have 5 outdoor cookers. I cook outside probably on average 4 times a week even in winter. The BGE gets about 80% of the use since I got it 2 years ago. I have a 7 year old gas Weber Genesis that is still good as new and gets used nearly everytime I don't use the egg and most of the time before I got the egg. Nothing beats the flavour of hardwood cooking, but it is nice to have the gasser when you want to grill something quickly.
  7. Sorry for the OT question, but what about Spotify & Slacker support? I did a search, but did not see anything.
  8. Just a quick follow up: Spotify streams through & displays the current info when first connected. However, it updates the info on the display intermittently. You can control track advance & back with the steering wheel controls and all the songs play, but the song info on the display rarely updates. On Sirius/XM the audio plays, but channel/show/track info does not synch with the display. YMMV
  9. FYI, yes it does. All sources so far show up on the H/U's display. Confirmed with Pandora, Slacker, iHeartRadio, Amazon Cloud player. All but iHeartRadio show track, artist, album, total time & time elapsed. You can advance & go back via steering wheel controls, but you do have to change playlists/channels via the phone's touch screen. Pretty nifty.
  10. Favorite Songs

    WTF? Rock the Casbah is The Clash. As for me... I like everything from Ray Price to Iron Maiden to The Sone Roses to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
  11. Can anyone confirm that this combo works via lightning connection to USB? Specifically, I'm wondering does the iPod & Pandora functions transmit data to the H/U and retain control through the H/U & steering wheel controls? I searched several times & saw nothing as it relates to this specifically.
  12. My 2010 has no chime for the seatbelt, just the indicator on the gauge cluster. Wonder if the plug was missed @ assembly?

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