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Found 36 results

  1. I have recently removed my dl8 mirrors off of my 17 Silverado. I can text pictures to anyone who is interested (im posting on my phone) asking 165.00 shipped I also removed the painted black door handles and mirror caps (clips are good) removed from same truck at 2500 miles. I went to chrome. Asking 275.00 shipped for the handles. Again, pics can be provided via text or email. Items are "like new" condition. Thanks. Dm me email addresses or cells for pics. When I get to work I'll try and post pics. Thanks
  2. I purchased my 2014 Sierra 2 years ago with 20k miles on it and within a couple of months I noticed the paint bubbling of the side walls inside my bed. Took it to the dealership and it was under warranty so dealership played for it. Within 6 months the paint stared to bubble off the doors, took it back and warranty was expired so neither the dealership or GM would cover the paint. Paid over $1,000 to get the doors resprayed. Now he paint is bubbling and flaking off the portion of the bed that was not resprayed, the roof of my truck, and around the front windshield. I am starting to hear people complaining about the same issues. Anyone having this problem?
  3. Does anyone happen to have a recommendation on where I could take my truck to get the grille and bottom chrome (skid plate cover?) piece painted in the Houston area? I am looking to get my grille surround color-matched to my stock color (Mineral Metallic) as well as the mesh/honeycomb of the grille and the lower chrome piece both painted a satin black. I am hoping I can find a shop that can remove, paint, clear-coat and reinstall these pieces for a reasonable price. I also have the paint code (WA433B/GJB), so I could source the paint myself if it were to make it any cheaper. Does anyone happen to know how much of the Mineral Metallic paint it would take to paint the grille surround, and maybe the lower door mouldings as well?? I'm looking to do something similar to the picture of the red truck, however instead of color-matching the lower piece, I believe I'd go satin black with that as well. Thanks!
  4. Hey so im looking for all black emblems for my 2018 silverado z71 ltz, i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get these or how to make this happen? Ive found “silverado ltz” in all black but cant find the side “z71” on the doors, the all black bow ties or the small all black z71 in the grill..
  5. Just finished up with this and would appreciate any feedback...took about 3 days, alot of sanding and modifying. I ordered vision 55 and BF Goodrich tire, should be here by the 20th. Also a 3" level for the front. Hopefully purchasing a CAI this week. Thanks! Rob
  6. Lets see all your custom vinyl graphics (stripes, bumper wraps etc) or paint additions. I'm thinking about a two tone vinyl wrap addition for my white truck - rendering below.
  7. Well, what I had feared since the day I had my Xpel paint protection film applied happened this morning. Going down the highway, a truck kicks up a rock. It happens in slow motion as there is nothing I can do but watch it careen towards me. Thud, it hits the front of the truck. Whew, I was afraid it was going to hit the windshield but thankfully I have Xpel on the entire front of the truck so it will be protected.....nope. A you can see below, the rock caught the edge of the film and the film just tore away. Mostly I'm truly frustrated because of how the film doesn't wrap the edges of the panels and even comes up short of the edges a bit. I questioned this after the install and my installer said that was the way it was because that's how the patterns are cut. I just knew this would happen at some point and sure enough....boom. I'm also not too happy with how easily the film tore. I get that it's a think film but it shouldn't peel back like that. I know, I'm ranting and complaining and blah blah but after dropping $1K to try to protect the tricoat paint, this does irk me a bit. I know many folks out there have used Xpel and it's had held up fine but I just wanted to vent a little and give people something to consider. I guess I'll have to contact the installer or Xpel direct to see what they will do.
  8. Has anyone else had a issue with the clear coat paint pealing, blistering or bubbling? Mine started with small blisters in the paint at year 6 and by now its peeling off in sheets. I have been to the Local Dealer who referred me to GM Customer Assistance in the Philippines. Over the last several years I have made multiple calls but they keep telling me that my warranty has expired and although I request to receive a call from a higher authority, I never get a call back until today and they basically told me they were outside their warranty period and were not going to do anything! I have higher expectations for auto paint. I do not feel my truck should be failing at year 6 and peeling off by now. especially on a $45,000 + vehicle! The sad part is I had planned to purchase a new Duramax 2500 Crew Cab 4x4 next year but now I am looking at purchasing a different brand. Any suggestions?? I know in the 90's GM had a recall on their pain for this very reason. I thought they had solved their problem or I wouldn't have bought one. Has anyone else had this issue with paint? Thanks, David
  9. Looking for some advice and experiences...I just ordered a set of WeatherTech mud Flaps...i was curious if anyone has a similar pair and decided to paint them? how did they turn out? Did the paint last more than a season or did it get all chipped and cracked with the flexing and weather? post pics if you have them, thanks in advance!
  10. As stated in the title, has anyone either painted or powder-coated their front Tow Hooks? I just had all my Chrome done Satin Black and now these hooks are MUCH more visible to me than they were before... I also thought I had read somewhere (but couldn't find again when I searched) that the Tow Hooks are quite a PITA to remove on the GMC Sierra/Sierra Denali... can anyone confirm if this is the case?? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone happen to have a recommendation on where I could take my truck to get the grille and bottom chrome (skid plate cover?) piece painted in the Houston area? I am looking to get my grille surround color-matched to my stock color (Mineral Metallic) as well as the mesh/honeycomb of the grille and the lower chrome piece both painted a satin black. I am hoping I can find a shop that can remove, paint, clear-coat and reinstall these pieces for a reasonable price. I also have the paint code (WA433B/GJB), so I could source the paint myself if it were to make it any cheaper. Does anyone happen to know how much of the Mineral Metallic paint it would take to paint the grille surround, and maybe the lower door mouldings as well?? I'm looking to do something similar to the picture of the red truck, however instead of color-matching the lower piece, I believe I'd go satin black with that as well. Thanks!
  12. Getting a good amount of rock chips on my truck. Should have had it protected when it was new, but hindsight is 20/20. Looking for pics of the AVS Aeroskin. Ive seen a few pics on here but mainly wanting to check out the color matched versions. Especially summit white if anyone has it. Also has anyone ordered precut clear film for the front bumper with any luck? Ill most likely have to have my entire bumper repainted or the big chips professionally filled before installing.
  13. I've noticed on my 2015 Silverado that the paint has been worn down to the metal along the step rail on the drivers side. I was thinking about sanding and applying a bed liner materials to this area. Curious if anyone has done this, and if so, could post any pics of the application?
  14. I am new, guys, to painting for rust prevention. According to the research I have done, this is what I will do. Like I said brand new. 1. Wire wheel and sandpaper- taking off rust and any paint, bringin to bare metal 2. Bondo where necessary 3. OSPHO 4.sand 5.Marine Clean 6.Tape up 7.Primer (POR 15 Metal Prep), sand, clean, primer, sand clean, primer, sand clean, bondo, sand primer, clean 8.POR 15 Rust preventative coating (lightest coat, light coat, then a wooly jacket kinda coat) 9.let cure for 24 hours 10.Top Coat (What are some good brands of rubberized type top coats that arent cheap?) 11. Clear coat if Im feeling like a real pro. 12. wet sand with 15xx and 20xx 13. Drive away happy and get some cough syrup. Where am I going wrong? What extra should I do, whose back to I have to scratch to get the in on how to do this the best way? Thanks to Ya.
  15. Hello all! I have a midnight edition z71 (see sig)and I was thinking about blacking out the red 'Z' in Z71 on my doors and my front grill. what would be the safest and easiest way to do that? My three thoughts are taping off and using plasti dip OR getting some touch up paint and just getting little brush and painting that way OR even better, are their any after market stickers (that i haven't been able to find yet) that i can just put over the red? Although I like the de badge look, I saw one with a blacked out Z and thought it looked even better. Any help would be appreciated! (Oh and side question... I never thought of an oil filter as a part that would increase performance, but I was curious if I have been thinking wrong? I always get a mobile 1 filter anyway) Thanks in advance!
  16. barry G

    rust hole gone

    From the album: random

    My paint job is horrifying.
  17. Mods, please don't move this thread to the detailing thread for a couple of days. I need lots of feedback and this section gets the most traffic...THANKS OK guys and gals, I have a problem. My house is currently being repaired for a sinkhole. This morning the sinkhole repair company began working and within the first couple of minutes they had a pressure gauge to blow apart. The pressure was about 500PSI and the line was filled with grout. For those not knowing, the grout is concrete without any gravel or rocks. Clean up began immediately on my house, roof and the neighbors house. After the roof was mostly washed down, it was discovered that the grout had also landed on both trucks sitting in the driveway, on the other side of the house. I am not worried about the white 01 sierra, but the black 2015 Sliverado that still smells new, has under 11K miles is a total different story. To say I am pissed is an understatement. No one has ever touched the truck to wash it but me, not even the selling dealer. It has no swirls, no scratches, the paint is/was perfect. I brought out the pressure washer and only the top part of the chunks came off, leaving grey stains and some grout still attached. I did call one of GM-Trucks vendors (Adams Polishes) and talked to them hoping they had some miracle cure, no such luck. They suggested clay baring after a wash, but said there was a high probability that the truck would need painting afterwards. The sinkhole repair company called in a mobile detail guy, but I sent him packing as soon as he said it would scratch the truck getting it off, but then they could remove the scratches. Unacceptable in my book! So if anyone has a miracle cure, please let me know. I guess I might need to let their guy do the work, and then hold their feet to the fire once its screwed up, I don't know..... Having trouble getting the photos uploaded, will post them as soon as I can.
  18. Hi - i am looking at color matching my bumpers to my black silverado - i have seen pictures of plasti dipped bumpers but i haven't read much on a vinyl wrap until recently - has anyone done the vinyl wrap? does it match better than plasti dip and glossifier?
  19. I bought a new 2015 Sierra 2500 Duramax in April and it now has about 5000 miles on it. The paint has began to peel in three different locations all on the doors. GM is willing to fix the issue under warranty at no cost to me. I have gone in circles with the dealer and GM customer service about doing more for me, which has not got me any further. I am having a difficult time buying a $50k truck and the paint start to peel within 5000 miles and getting a band aid paint job from a dealer. Has anyone else experienced this crap factory paint? How did GM take care of you (or lack of)?
  20. I have 2014 GMC truck with 75,000m miles & the paint is peeling in three places.Two on top just above windshield you can take your fingers & peel the paint off. then one on the fender Dealer telling me it is out of warranty. has anyone seen this
  21. I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 in which the paint is starting to peel above the windshield. The truck has 42000 miles. I am trying to see if it is either covered by the standard corrosion warranty or my extended Premium Warranty I purchased when I bought my truck.
  22. Would anyone happen to know of a resource or way to find the paint code for a GM OEM accessory wheel? Specifically, the 22 inch 7 spoke SF1 rim that was released in 2014 and has been used on a lot of the upper trim Denali models. I am asking because I would like to get my line-x liner color matched to my rims. Here is a picture of the wheel in question:
  23. Does GM have any unpublished warranties on paint for 2003 trucks? I was cleaning the exterior windows tonight and noticed large areas of clear coat are missing / lifting off the top of the cab.
  24. has anyone sanded and buffed their new truck? I am in the market and cannot stand how poor the paint looks on these new 50k trucks. I had all the equipment to wet sand and buff paint at my dads house, but living 5 hours away makes it hard to do now.. so, my questions are: did the factory put down a decent depth of clear and what do you think shops are charging these days to wet sand/buff/then 2nd stage buff to remove swirl marks? or do you think just the 2 stage buffing would be enough to take care of the orange peel on these trucks? like i said earlier, i don't know how much clear was laid down and i would HATE to get into the base coat..
  25. So, yesterday morning I walk out to my truck to head over to the gym and noticed a scratch underneath the driver front door. This truck has absolutely no dings nor scratches on it even with 86K miles on the odometer. I couldn't believe what I was seeing ........ and then I noticed the scratch on the fender and eventually all the way around the entire truck. They didn't touch the hood or the bumpers, but everything else suffered damage. I wanted to cry ...... but, I didn't! I don't tend to piss people off (or at least not intentionally). Even so, this is way above and beyond what I might even do if I were really upset. Brought it to a body shop for an estimate (Caliber Collision ....... great work in the past) and am being told that these scratches all go "into" the metal panels. Meaning the metal/aluminum is going to have to be sanded to remove the grooves. Of course, the truck is getting a complete paint job at a price of $7K. The shop says the work will take about a month to be completed. Thing of it is is that I have dash cams mounted to the windshield and rear window. The front camera caught someone quickly walk by the front and turn toward the passenger side. The rear camera caught the same thing, but it looks like they were trying to stay low/out of sight. Maybe they knew the cameras were there? Anyway, here's the damage ........
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