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  1. Hi Guys Long time no posts here. I will soon need new tires to replace the original factory Goodyear Eagle LS-2 P275-55-R20 I am wondering if anyone here could offer some advice as to what you may have used to replace these tires. I am also trying to find out if I can go to a P285-55-R20 to get a bit wider tire. I sometimes drive in sand at The Outer Banks of NC (with reduced pressure). We have some snow and ice in the winter months in my area of the country. I also do a lot of highway driving at 75-80mph when the posted speed limit is 70 mph. I am hoping to get a tire that does not have vibration problems at those speeds. I also don't want the balancing weights on the outside of the rim lip. I prefer the "stick-on" type that goes on the inside of the rim so the ugly weights are hidden from view Can anyone make some recommendations? My budget is $1500
  2. OK...thanks for the replies. I will keep looking.
  3. Hi All Long time no posts...Sorry bout that I have had the GM OEM bug deflector on my SD for 2 years, and I hated it. It fastened with 2 clips on the ends and taped to the paint. One day the tape let loose at 75mph and scratched my paint on the hood. I took it off and trashed it. I am looking at a new one. I don't want the same mounting technique. I want one that uses screws under the hood. I have read some older conflicting posts here and want to get some new facts Does the "WeatherTech Stone & Bug Deflector" use screws? http://www.autoanything.com/deflectors/61A4411A0A0.aspx According to the description, it does, but the customer reviews state otherwise. How about the "AVS Bugflector II Bug Shield" ? http://www.autoanything.com/deflectors/61A1051A0A0.aspx Any info or stories or other brands anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. And...do there 2 bug deflectors cover the crome trim on the hood? Notice this picture of the GM OEM deflector, that has a cut out to show the chrome trim. I don't want to loose that if at all possible.
  4. Heated wheel on with remote start would be nice. However, the wheel does heat up very fast after pressing the on/off button. Seems like only after 10 seconds and its already warm on my truck.
  5. Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic off of Cape Hatteras, NC. That pic was taken about 70 lbs ago. I am a tad slimmer now.
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    Fishing at the Outer Banks
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