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  1. Thank you! I'll check my RPO codes in the glove box.
  2. Replaced the door latch & actuator assembly on my 2005 Z-71 Sierra today, and noticed that I'm missing a couple of parts....tried finding GM part numbers for these but no luck. One part is the rubber snap-in for the hole that is on the side of the front door - - see photo - - it's the hole that allows access to the latch rod that connects to the outside door handle. The other part is a dark grey plastic snap-on "cap" that goes over the T-27 screw that holds the door panel to the door (see photo). There is also a plastic push-in "plug" on the hinge side of the interior door panel that is pretty loose, I didn't take a photo of that one, but curious about that one too. Thank you in advance for the help!
  3. I've managed to damage the threads of the oil dipstick bracket bolt on my 2005 z-71 Sierra - - it's a 15mm head, pointed tip bolt...it threads into the head just below the valve cover.....I've been trying to find what size it is so I can replace it, or the GM part number.....any ideas? Thanks!
  4. 2 bad wheel bearing hubs....just had both replaced, and now silence! Replaced with a pair of Moog units. Local independent shop did the work, owned by a former GM dealer technician.
  5. I'm taking the truck to a local independent shop tomorrow for a diagnosis. Will update when I hear back!
  6. Noise is in 2WD or 4WD. Coasting or in drive.
  7. Nope, appears to be normal clearance. No squeak when rotating the wheel by hand, either.
  8. My '05 Z-71 Sierra has developed a rhythmic "whish-whish" or squeak that seems to be wheel speed dependent. I can mainly hear it at slower speeds in quiet residential areas (15-25 mph). It seems to be coming from the front drivers side wheel, but hard to tell, could be from underneath the truck as well. U-joints seem solid, original units with 95,000 miles. Hub bearings seem solid (no play or growling noises), but sound does change when I turn wheels from left to right. I had the drivers side CV shaft replaced a few years ago, and I've noticed some oily residue on the CV shaft but the boots appear to be in good shape. Front pinion seal replaced a year ago by GM dealer. Brakes are good, sound does not change when applying the brakes. Any thoughts? My experience with hubs has been they growl or roar when bad, and CV joints click or pop when going bad, and U-joints wiggle when bad..... Thanks!
  9. Going to replace my leaky high-pressure power steering hose on my '05 Z-71 4x4 truck with the 5.3....I can see that accessing the lower fitting that threads into the back of the power steering pump is going to be challenging. My arms and hands are thin/small, and I can see the nut from below the truck. Any tips/tricks to make this job a little easier? I would use car ramps, but wondering if jack stands would be better if turning the wheels one way or the other would help access. I know I will need a 16mm and 18mm flare wrench. Brand of hose recommendations? The NAPA parts store carries them locally, didn't know if they were better/worse than AC Delco or Gates, etc. Thank you!
  10. Kind of what I thought. My GM dealer has a couple of long-time technicians that have always treated me well, so will probably stick with them.
  11. Need to get my leaky oil pan gasket changed on my 2005 5.3 4x4 truck. My local GM dealer would use the GM gasket, while an independent shop down the street would use the Fel Pro gasket....price is roughly the same at either place, about $500. Not cheap but I'm starting to leave drips of oil in my driveway, and I'm not up for the task of doing it myself. At $500, not wanting to mess with this problem anytime soon again.....any advantage of one gasket over the other? Thanks for the advice,
  12. Alignment completed....wow, truck seems to track much better than it did, even though it seemed OK prior. Just feels more solid and tight in the steering. All suspension components were OK. The tech at Les Schwab Tire Center said the camber was way off, as was the caster, and the RH toe. Now I know that the GM dealer didn't do squat, or his alignment rack was not calibrated, or who knows what...but all seems good now. Thanks all for the suggestions, here's the new printout.
  13. Here's the printout from the GM Dealer. Tire doesn't feel cupped/feathered. Truck seems to track well, doesn't pull to one side or the other.
  14. My 2005 Z-71 4x4 Sierra has some significant inner tire wear on the front drivers side - - I had it aligned several months ago at the GMC dealer, who said everything checked out OK. Got the printout from the alignment and everything showed "within spec", toe, camber, and caster. Hmm.... strange. Truck is bone stock,tires are LT/LR C Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors with about 50K miles, truck has 90K miles. Original owner, lubed/oil changes regularly since new. Before I take it to my local Les Schwab for the investigation, what could cause this? I suppose everything from ball joints to tie rods? Shocks are new as of a couple of years ago. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Load Range E tire pressure 2005 Z-71 1500

    Thanks for the tip on Discount Tire - - that is the perfect solution. I'm guessing you've been happy with the A/T3's?

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