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  1. Awesome news. Ford is moving production to Mexico and GM is bringing it back! I love my Ft. Wayne made 2013 Silverado. About to hit 100k and has never been in the shop for anything other than body damage(Got rear ended ).
  2. Z71 Suspension Package, Off-Road Off-road shocks; Heavy duty suspension; Underbody protection for transfer case and for engine; 36mm front stabilizer bar; Air cleaner; Z71 decals on rear quarters; Includes: [V76] Front Recovery Hooks; Requires: [Z82] H.D. Trailering Equipment And [N87] 18" Aluminum Wheels; Or [P46] 17" x 7.5" 5-Spoke Aluminum Wheels And [LMG] Vortec 5.3L V8 SFI FlexFuel Engine with Active Fuel Management; Excludes: [s80] 20" Chrome Clad Wheels And [PDV] Chrome Essentials Package
  3. Thanks! I got him a little Remington 770 .243 Youth model for a early Christmas present this year and he loves it. Great gun for a kids imo!
  4. Well here is the 2 we got this year. My son got his first deer too! I was soo excited! And here is a little 6 point I got on the last weekend. Been watching them all year and decided to take this one.
  5. Have you taken it back to the dealer? GM has a 6 year/100k rust warranty.
  6. f0st3r

    Driving jobs

    Got a Coca cola distribution center near by? I hear they are great to work for and do the local delivery business.
  7. Someone who worked at our local GM plant once told me he saw reports from all of the truck plants and that the mexican plant always scored high.
  8. Almost all of the 1500 crew cabs are built in mexico and almost all of the extended cabs are built in Fort Wayne. Both Fiat and Ford have mexican assembly plants as well.
  9. My first truck was a 76 Chevy C1500 truck, I drove it for years without any major issues. I got a job and bought a newer Dodge Ram, it put me on the side of the road toooo many times. I traded that truck in on a 00 silverado and kept it for 10 years. My dad puts 200-300k miles on trucks and uses nothing but Chevys. Not to mention, the Ford and Fiat.. I mean Dodge.. Wait Ram! dealers suck around here, different people in there every time you walk in! I might consider a Ford, but there is no way in hell I am driving a Fiat truck...
  10. My 08 still is problem free at 80k, I have been changing my own oil for the last year and kept a close eye on it. At most, it was 1/2 quart low. Just using plain old Pennzoil 5-30.
  11. They tried the chargers down here and they just did not hold up. The local police still has one or 2 left, but most have died. The LSP uses mostly Tahoes and crown vics and I heard they will be going to a Tahoe/Caprice setup. Every thing I have read and heard is most cops love the new caprice.
  12. Shreveport here as well!
  13. Also recommending take the bed off, and if you do replace it, don't go the cheap route! Mine went out on my 2000 silverado at about the same time, a parts shop sold me just the sensor so I replaced that.. About 30k later it was out again, I ended up replacing the entire pump and drove that truck till 200k without any more issues. Traded it in for my current truck and it was still running like a champ! And btw, me, my dad, and my brother had the bed off my truck and pump replaced in about 30-45 mins. It was really easy!
  14. Just curious if anyone knows how accurate this is? I am sure there is a certain amount that does not drain out of the truck. Also did you drain the oil out of the filter into the bottle? I don't know if I would trust this.. What about oil in the filter? Through out the engine? I'd go by before and after on the dip stick.
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