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  1. https://m.facebook.com/0fx2gv/ Did my emblems Flowmaster Thunder is the exhaust I went with, black tips was a selling point.
  2. Yeah its raining all day here in Dallas, but I can hear it pretty clear through the rain drops on my side. I can do another one once it clears out. The rain got a lot lighter in the later part of the clips where the light revving is.
  3. So I just ordered the T-harness from LLJ Customs for my AT4 with Bose, and I meant to go back and see if we had noise cancelling like I circled in the pic and accidentally left it on no. I think we have noise cancelling not sure, and does anyone know what will this affect. Not work at all, work the same etc... Thanks for any info.
  4. Just installed the Flowmaster 817891 on my 6.2 AT4 couple hours ago. Sounds definitely louder at idle, and accelerating. When coasting it’s quiet, and under low accelerating you can keep it pretty tame.
  5. UPS just delivered it this evening! Hoping to get some time tomorrow to get it installed, it has to be better than the valved up stock system. update :
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