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  1. Chevy or GMC? Which ever one that has the 6.2 AND the lift/trail boss package.
  2. Thanks. Was looking at a jeep rubicon but this chevy looks like a great alternative. Can't see myself owning a fiat.
  3. Thinking of a ZR2 to replace my wife's Tahoe but the bed mounted spare would be a deal breaker. I would need the room in the mini bed plus it looks to interfere with a hard folding bed cover....tire too big to fit in the rear under the bed?
  4. I'll vote no. If you like like to rub curbs and off road amongst rocks your white letters will soon turn into wide ragged white walls with bad spelling. If I'm going to advertise their tires I would expect a monthly check as compensation.
  5. sdeeter, I noticed you have the same year/truck I do. I looked through my owners manual and see no mention of a chassis lube schedule....am I missing something? In any case I'll go with this: Thanks for the responses!
  6. When I purchased my new 2012 2500HD 4x4 I actually studied the owners manual maintenance schedule and noticed no mention of lubrication of the front chassis (I assumed sealed joints). I was recently having my tires rotated and happened to notice grease zerts. I called three different Chevy/GMC service departments and got various answers ranging from: "there are none", there are "four" and "they're sealed". A google search seemed to indicate nine to eleven zerts. So color me confused: I assume if there are zerts they're meant to be greased. Why no mention in the maintenance schedule/owners manual?
  7. Was checking the price on these on Amazon but then noticed the reviews/pictures of these ramps cracking and collapsing under the weight of even lightweight cars. Check out the one star reviews/pictures (5% of total reviews). I'll stick with my heavy wooden monstrosities on my 3/4 ton. If you have these i would only use with jack stands.
  8. Agreed....and then there is cost. I picked up six quarts of Mobil 1 at Costco today for $27. https://www.costco.com/CatalogSearch?keyword=mobil+1+oil&pageSize=96 For Amsoil $43 PLUS $8.50 shipping. Easy choice.
  9. Well she started out high performance but life got in the way. Still a good watchdog...if awake.
  10. I think the regular Ram is one the better looking trucks but that thing/package is even uglier than the ford SD. Horrible.
  11. Agreed. I like fast and easy and yes the water beads right up just like a paste wax.
  12. When I first drove my new 2012 HD I thought the rear passenger window was open. There was thread on this problem somewhere and now I can't seem to find it but there is a service bulletin on it. I never did take it in and now my truck is out of warranty....between rock concerts, guns and motorcycles I don't hear much any more anyway. This is the service bulletin: GMC TSB-10-08-58-001E bulletin.pdf (file to big to load.....hint: has to do with the vent behind the rear seat)
  13. x2 on the Du Ha! Best mod I did on my truck. I can't believe all the stuff I have jammed in that thing.
  14. x2 And for a change of pace my 23 or 22....love the .40 caliber.
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