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  1. 18 Sierra bumper swap??

    Id swap PM me
  2. 2016 Z71 Rebuild

    2016 Wrecked Z71 that I'm rebuilding
  3. Rebuilding a totaled 2016 Z71 Regular Cab, wanted something different so I changed up hood front bumper and interior, trucks not done but getting close.
  4. Haven't never hit anything lol so It should be perfect Ill take pictures when I go into work on Monday.
  5. Frames do pop back into their mangled position more often than not. I would expect a new frame as these are not cheep truck.
  6. Sharp truck like the color and badges.
  7. I commend you for being honest.
  8. You guys saying that if your headlight goes out it costs a 1000 to replace bulb? Ive got a 15 Silverado with HID.
  9. I have a black rear bumper without park assist Id swap,as I chromed a Z71.
  10. I did katskin it as well easy 550 on Ebay
  11. Denali cluster in SLT

    Thanks for letting us folks know as I was waiting to email you,it can wait till your back. Good luck
  12. I may have a se of black paintables that Id swap for your chrome ones if your interested.

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