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  1. I just looked and I can't see anything that resembles a small pin or a cavity. I'm talking about this style of mirror
  2. I have a early build 2015 Denali 2500hd with a Duramax and old style dpn mirrors. I know the new dqs mirrors have the exhaust brake sensor in the passenger side mirror. I'm wondering is that same exhaust sensor in my dpn mirror or is it located somewhere else on my truck?
  3. I have the dpn mirrors on my early build 2015 Denali 2500hd. It doesn't say anything about dpn mirrors on the chart or the bulletin posted earlier in this thread. Has anyone successfully swapped to dqs tow mirrors from the dpn style tow mirrors?
  4. Im thinking of adding a set of rigid dually LED lights to the headache rack on my sled deck and I want to tie them into the bed lights so I can turn them on with the cargo light switch in the cab. Does anyone know what the amperage is on bed lights?
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