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  1. I'm starting to feel like the easiest thing to do would be take it to a shop, but I do not want to spend a lot of money
  2. I agree, there is no way ill be able to do this myself. I dont notice any different tire wear or pulling, but my steering feels loose. And honestly, im not sure about applying the brakes, the only time i get the rattle i am going straight down a bumpy road. I will have to try seeing if there is a difference with the brakes tomorrow.
  3. What other problems would i have? What do you mean by does the steering or brake input?
  4. It wasn't the skid plate or the cooler. I bet it is the upper control arm thing cause I had an alignment done about two months ago
  5. Thank you, I will check it out tomorrow
  6. Where is the oil/trans cooler? And where are the heat shields?
  7. I am about to give up! Any other common rattles with the 2005 year Silverado? It isnt an intermediate steering shaft. Its not a sway bar end link and nothing connected to the wheels seemed loose. It might be rattling in the middle of the front end instead of the passengers side. I have no idea what to look for now, so some suggestions would be great. Thanks guys
  8. I checked it today, and it wasnt the wheel bearing. We jacked up both sides and shook the tire all over, no budge. There is still a rattle, and I think I know where it is coming from. I think the plastic piece that holds the fog lights in is loose, and from the looks of it someone has hit it on something. I tried to make it not rattle, but of course there is still a rattle from the front. I will try more rattle proofing tomorrow. At least I know it is probably a plastic rattle, since we couldnt find any loose parts or anything today.
  9. No I have, I believe, the z71 wheels. I feel like it may be the wheel bearing since nothing else seems loose, but I can hear no roaring or feel no popping when driving or turning. I may jack it up and wiggle it around here in a day or two
  10. Im still looking for the rattle, so if anyone could help i would appreciate it. I looked by my wheel today and tried to see if anything was loose. The sway bar was tight and looked fine. Nothing else that i noticed was loose. So what could it be? Can the brakes rattle?
  11. Im from Stillwater... Go Cowboys!
  12. How much does that cost? And how do I check that?
  13. I have a 2005 Silverado that loves to rattle. I had the tires aligned recently and since then have noticed a rattle that seems to be coming from the front passengers side tire. When I drive slowly over bumps it sounds like my hub cap is loose, that's not the problem but the sound. I have searched for this problem and gotten mixed results. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. 1st- First truck I ever bought was a 1999 Ford Ranger. It had a 3.0 engine. Really reliable, but I wouldnt necessarily call it a truck. I didnt mind the truck though, but the interior plastic was crap and my 2005 Silverado gets the same gas mileage. 2nd- 2005 Silverado extended cab. Love the truck, drives great. Only thing that annoys me with it is the rattling. Seems like these models have rattling problems all over. My steering column rattles and my doors now seem to rattle too.
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