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  1. Looking for a set of lug nuts. Bought Fuel 564 wheels and the shop gave me cheap chrome that are already rusting. Would like black hoping someone could direct me to a quality set with locks as well. Also no painted lugs
  2. Leased 2016 Silverado DC Std Bed 5.3 LT level wheels, wanting a 16+ of same truck just LTZ with 6.2, should i just do financial after 3 year lease and trade-in and look for used 16+ or buy new? Kind of screwed myself on wheels, debadge and exhaust :shrugs:
  3. I ordered mine directly from the dealership. $35 Ill be getting it in a couple days.
  4. I live in CT, wondering if theres any open dirt roads and light mud to take a spin in. Willing to travel to see surrounding states. Hope i posted in tge proper spot Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  5. I have a 16. Dealership says they only made for 14-15. Where do i get a proper part # for my 16 and match my interior? Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  6. WHEELS ARE SOLD! Willing to take offers; need to make room.
  7. Thank you both I'll try to get some factory specs on my setup soon through JL so I can match a box. I love this little 10" it had so much kick it shakes the truck, it gets overpowering at times but 1000% better than the 8" that felt like a factory stock speaker
  8. Curious too Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  9. Just the diameter size match? I heard theres specific cubic inches needed do they supply those specs? So any box online that matches year and cab works? Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  10. My 16 2.5 RC level/lift 20x9 +20 offset 33x12.5x20 Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  11. I bought a JL powerwedge 12" awhile back. I see boxes online that fit under the rear seat. How do i know which one i need? The powerwedge has built in amp to the box already. So ill probably just cut out on the side and screw the amp in like the current box. Ill get amp numbers when im home. Need help figuring which box would be ideal. Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  12. Donate and ill do it [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  13. Just went back and ordered 305/55/20 KO2, $700 difference with discount got them to price match [emoji33][emoji33] Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  14. Probably go with the 33 for the width, but ill double check and confirm. I appreciate all the help everyone is doing for me. [emoji4][emoji4] Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  15. Understood, thank you both for your input. Ill do some research whats available for my new wheels. Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
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