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  1. I went with the blackwall. Less flashy. Suits the look of my truck better.
  2. The OWL looks nice with your truck. The lettering of the Cooper Discoverer AT3 does look better than most other OWL tire brands.
  3. The tires are going to be installed on the 23rd and I am trying to decide between OWL or blackwall. Any input and or pictures of your truck with the AT3s mounted would be very helpful. thanks
  4. Just purchased 4 Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires, size 265/70/16, from Sears online. Got a great deal, $664.40, includes tax and an alignment. I am having trouble deciding on mounting OWL side out or blackwall. I am leaning towards blackwall since that is what I have always done. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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