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Found 18 results

  1. What do you guys think? It's not as loud as a full aftermarket exhaust would be but I think it sounds pretty good for the money I paid.
  2. Hey guys n gals...new to the site. This is my second GM truck but doing a VASTLY different build on her. My first truck is an 05 Colorado Xtreme drift truck, while this one is a 2018 Sierra 1500 Z71 Prerunner build that's my daily (it's the 5.3, not the 6.2) My question is...which exhaust is better for pure, clean loud while maintaining a low, angry tone when I get on it? I know Magnaflow is a straight through so no "restriction" while Flowmaster is baffled for tuned tone. I loathe exhaust "pop n bang" like glasspacks and whatnot...so im trying to avoid sounding like every cheap, clapped out beater truck in my area. I am specifically looking for as low and angry as I can get, but clean and clear. I notice a LOT of trucks here go for the "NASCAR" sounding kits and that's a bit too high pitch for me. I can cut and dump, so I can play with how "loud" it is, but which is best for deep, low, growly sound at all times?
  3. Hello everyone, I currently have the GM Borla Performance Exhaust on my 2018 6.2L and I want more sound. The guys at muffler shops recommended I replace the muffler with this one: https://www.holley.com/products/exhaust/mufflers/street_chambered_mufflers/40_series_original/parts/430402 Part number:430402. I am aware that my current system has a flapper which eliminates drone but would that carry over to this louder muffler?
  4. Going to be trading my pickup in so I stripped off all the aftermarket stuff. Everything came off a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 6.2L High Country crew cab short box Kooks 1 7/8" long tube headers with a Kooks cat-less y-pipe, Cometic header gaskets, Stage 8 locking header bolts, Stage 8 locking y-pipe bolts, and will include 7 new plug wires $1100 + shipping Corsa exhaust with a Flowmaster super series muffler (removed the sport muffler and installed the Flowmaster, did not cut or weld any part of the Corsa system) $900 + shipping Airaid MIT intake tube and K&N filter SOLD Armadillo (gatorback) rear mud flaps and Husky molded front mud flaps $125 shipped Flex fuel sensor and fittings to make it plug and play $50 shipped I am located in Gillette, Wy 82718 for local/close sales.
  5. Hello, I am looking for recommendations or advice regarding the Flowmaser 40 series single out muffler. I am wanting to remove the adaptive valve on my 2015 V8. If I cut off the valve, replace the muffler, and leave the resonator, will I still get the Flowmaster sound? I wouldn't mind a deeper sound, but I don't want it to be too loud either. Just trying to find that happy-medium. The main reason is because I am getting the "chirp" or "squeak" from the adaptive valve. My AFM Disabler helped with the chirp when switching from V4 to V8, but I still hear it when I crank my truck. Any info or advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Ben
  6. Has anybody ever put any flowmaster or other type of exhaust on a Silverado with the eAssit on it . Wondering if it sounds weird when it turns back on at the stop sings
  7. Have a custom mid-pipe I built to install an aftermarket muffler (Magnaflow 12909) in my 2015 2500hd 6.0 truck. I removed the muffler and went back to stock so have this left over. This makes a cleaner install and saves your mid pipe if you want to revert back to stock. The aftermarket mufflers don't have as much offset as factory and the factory mid-pipe has a offset in it that accounts for that. With this straight mid-pipe it works perfect with the less offset of the aftermarket muffler and allows everything to be installed level with the truck. Here is my post about the muffler with additional info: I had this on a crew cab, 6.5' bed 4x4 truck. I'm sure other cab/bed configurations might need this lengthened or shortened but at least the hard part of the flange and hangers are done. Asking $75 for this custom mid-pipe. How it looked installed. muffler not included. Factory muffler to show the drop offset in the original mid-pipe.
  8. Hi guys! I’Ve got an ‘05 Sierra as well as an ‘05 Tahoe. I made this video of the Flowmaster in the Sierra and plan to mod the Tahoe the same way. I made this video of the Sierra thinking it may help some guys decide which muffler they’d like to go with. Let me know what you guys think. Click for Video with sound clips
  9. I've got a 2014 5.3L Silverado and yes it has the AFM I want it gone but for now I have to deal with it. I had a flowmaster 40 series installed and resonator cut off, and it is very quiet. I see no flapper valve so I am assuming that he cut it off to (which I was unaware of a flapper valve at the time). My question is, why is it so quiet? Does the AFM make that big of a difference In sound even when in v8? Is the flapper valve still there? Did the guy do something to make the truck quieter (we had a small disagreement while he was installing the system, and after he was done he said "if you ever want it louder we can cut off the 3rd cat"). Any help is greatly appreciated and I am going to try and put pics in the comments cuz it will not let me in the the post.
  10. New to the forum as of a couple of weeks ago but just saw this page tonight. Vehicles: 1998 GMC SIERRA SLT 1500 5.7 +True Dual Flowmaster Delta Flow 50 Series Exhaust System +Bakflip Fibermax Bed Cover +Billet Grille +Kenwood Excelon GPS Unit w/Apple Car Play +JL Audio 13.5” W5 sub with Hertz Component Speakers/JLA Amp 2017 GMC SIERRA SLT 5.3L +True Dual Flowmaster Delta Flow 50 Series Exhaust System +AFE Momentum GT Pro 5R CAI +AFE Throttle Body Spacer +Diablo Intune i3 Tuner +Bakflip F1 Bed Cover w/Bakbox +Denali Grille Insert +Katskin Leather Seat CoverS +Weathertech Floor Mats +Window Tints (installing AFE/Diablo mods this week with help from a buddy. Exhaust installed last week) I am a high school teacher and head baseball coach. I also own a lawncare business. Thanks Patrick B
  11. I lost the two 7mm screws on the door panel of a 2005 GMC Sierra, does anyone know the part number, or equivalent that will fit? I'm a little leery of giving up and self tapping screws the hell out of my door panel.
  12. So I just created an account specifically for this question. I just purchased a brand new 2016 Silverado 1500 crew cab and its awesome. The first thing I wanted to do was get a little bit beefier exhaust on it without breaking the bank. I just swapped out the stock exhaust for a Flowmater 40 series and it sounds a bit better but not quite what I was looking for. I don't want anything crazy but I thought it would have a bit more to it than it does. My question is - If I remove the resonator will it make a big difference? Like I said I'm a bit bummed that it didn't make it that much louder so I am just curious if anyone else has ran into this. Thanks!
  13. Quick video of my GMC flowmaster cat back exhaust. Temp was about 80 degrees but the engine was cold. Nice sounding system especially for the price. Here's the stock exhaust, sorry didn't have my phone pointed directly at the tailpipe.
  14. Hey everyone, I have an exhaust question to ask. So the story goes, I have my 2005 GMC Sierra and I love my truck. However, it is bone stock and this is the longest I've ever had a bone stock vehicle without trying to do something to it. I really want to install a Flowmaster exhaust. I also really like the Flowmaster Super 44 and Super 40 series mufflers as well as the American Thunder. I've been shopping around and found that the average exhaust kit for my truck can easily run about $400. The issue I see is not only do I not want to spend $400 to replace the exhaust pipes and muffler when I only want to change the muffler. I'm also too lazy to do all that work lol. With that said, what would you guys suggest I do? I was hoping I could just swap out the muffler with a single outlet muffler and add a little extra exhaust pipe in case the stock muffler is bigger than the Flowmaster clamp it back together and call it good. By doing that would I still be able to get the aggressive sound I want my truck to have? I know dual exhaust sounds better but I've seen a lot of single outlet exhaust set ups that also sound really good. Would I be better off getting a dual outlet muffler and leaving off the exhaust pipes? Any and all input is appreciated. Thank you guys ahead of time for the advice! I would not mind if my truck sounded like this!
  15. I already know That the Super 44's sound really great on the 6.0 engine. I know quite a few guys with them though and just want something different. I have heard the original 40 and like it but am not crazy about it. I want some thing that's pretty noticeable in the cab but not too overwhelming. Also, I know that it is not recommended too go over 3 inches when running duels, but I have heard that 2.5 iinch is louder than 3 inch? Sorry for the endless text, videos don't do any justice. I have an 2001 2500hd crew cab by the way.
  16. I was wanting to put an exhaust on my truck. I was looking at the flowmaster 10 or 40 series or maybe the 44. I want my truck to be plenty loud but I also drive the highway everyday. I don't wanna be annoyed and find the enterior noise rediculous. What do you guys think I should go with? Im gonna do just a single pipe and probably 4 inch tip. By the way my truck is an 05 silverado with 5.3.
  17. Ok so I am set on replacing my oem muffler with a flowmaster 50 or 70 series big block, problem is the 50 does not come in stainless and the 70 only comes in 3inch (stock pipe is 3.5) I live in western pa so we have moderate winters and lots of calcium/salt on the roads will it hurt performance to adapt he pipe to 3 inch for the stainless muffler or deal with the aluminized 50 series? Any advice appreciated!
  18. Just finished installing my dual exhaust kit from truckexhaustkits.com. I went with a Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow muffler, 2.5" mandrel bent pipes, and 3" rolled edge stainless tips straight out the back. It sounds frickin sweet!!! I'm glad I went with the 50 Series. I had contemplated going with the 40 but after hearing this one I am so glad I didn't. The 50 Series is moderately loud but it won't wake the neighbors which is what I was going for. As for truckexhaustkits.com...I'm not sure I would go with them again. The kit was not very user friendly to install. I am an ASE Certified Mater Technician and it took me 3.5 hrs to install. The kit came with no instructions at all. I think they need to give some more thought to the hangers. The kit comes with 4 "universal" hangers. However I could not find anywhere to put the last 2. I got 1 on each pipe way at the back but there was nowhere to even come close to mounting the other 2 that were supplied. I will have to crawl back under there this weekend and see if I can find a good spot for them. I realize they are trying to make 1 kit fit as many applications as possible but I think it would do them well to offer more specific kits. (or at least instructions that give recommended hanger locations for a specific vehicle) Overall I am happy with how it looks and sounds but next time I may go a different route.
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