As it turns out, the GMC HUMMER EV has a button on the center console that does… well nothing. At least yet. Even more interesting is that GMC doesn’t know what that button will do and is asking for owners to submit their ideas.

GMC HUMMER EV Mystery Button
The yet-to-be assigned button is located on the far right of the drive mode button. An “H” inside of a triangle. was recently invited to drive the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV during the brands media launch for the vehicle. And during our two days driving the all-electric “super truck”, we found a button that does nothing. Our interest was piqued and so we asked GMC what was up.

The so-called “mystery button” is located on the center console inside of the Drive Mode selector wheel. Next to the rear wheel steer/crabwalk button and the two ride height selector buttons is a non-descript “H” surrounded by three markings- giving the appearance of a triangle.  It’s actually surprising that no one has noticed that this button has no feature assigned to it. Even weirder is that when pushed, a message on the gauge cluster appears.

The message reads, “Your Mode. Your Mission. [email protected]”. GMC has confirmed that the message is actually a solicitation from HUMMER EV owners to submit their ideas on what this mystery button should do in the future.

GMC HUMMER EV Mystery Button
When the mystery button is pushed, this message appears on the gauge cluster.

After GMC has taken in enough ideas the company will push an over-the-air update to “turn on” the future feature, whatever that feature is. And the feature could be anything, from a simple cosmetic change to a more technical option that changes the way the vehicle can be driven. It’s anyone’s game and future HUMMER EV owners will have a big say.

Our suggestion was to have a way to isolate specific axles, either front-wheel-only drive or rear-wheel-only drive. Serious off-roaders often equip their vehicles with the ability to lockout or select only the front or rear axles, in order to “dig in” one axle at a time. GMC engineers confirmed this ability would be possible on the hummer as there are no direct linkages between the front and rear wheels or even between the two rear wheels.

Time will tell what GMC chooses to do but the idea that the brand can continue to add additional features and capability to the HUMMER EV beyond delivery is exciting.