Corvette Engineering Folded Into EV & Autonomous Program At GM
Corvette Engineering Folded Into EV & Autonomous Program At GM has learned that General Motors will reorganize the Corvette Engineering Team under the company’s EV and Autonomous development programs.

Earlier this morning we got a quick note that we were not expecting. In fact, I’m not sure anyone was really “expecting” this. The note, from a GM employee, let us in on a big reorganization going on at General Motors, TODAY.

From what we can gather, the entire Corvette Engineering Team has been folded into General Motors EV and Autonomous Vehicle Development Program. What does that mean?

It means- in no uncertain terms- that we can expect a hybrid or ev Corvette. It also means that “cars” in the traditional sense, with only gas engines, are dead at GM. The future looks like trucks and EV’s going forward.

It can also mean we’ll see more Corvette engineering on other GM models, which is a good thing. Corvette represents the best engineering the company has at its disposal. It will be interesting to see how the two groups fold together.

The company has not even announced this re-org, so expect more details to come out in short order.

–story developing and will be updated as more details come out–