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  1. Living in the "salt belt" doesn't help. I try to wash my truck at least once a week when there is salt on the ground. My frame is peeling the black plastic stuff but the metal itself isn't rusted. When you can hand wash behind the fenders and bumper, also wipe the door jambs.
  2. My 2011 Z71 came with heavy duty shocks, skid plates, increased air filter, low range 4x4 and a transmission cooler.
  3. Theres a recall on that dipstick tube shouldve been free. i had it done last year.
  4. I notice the VIN codes at my local dealer only sell Mexican made Silverados. That was one reason i stayed away from Dodge besides their "glass" transmissions. So now Ford is the only American made/American owned truck? I am dissappointed to say the least.
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