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    2015 Denali LML
  1. Just found that out....it's about time...
  2. Heck...I'd be happy with rear ac vents....all of this new stuff is interesting, but I think GM has to go back to the basics as well...
  3. Cheating neighbors

    I would check your local town and state laws about adverse possession....If you have been taking care of the property for 15 years, you may have technically owned it in the first place.....
  4. I have a 2015 and there is no way I can play a video. I've tried everything from ripping different formats to different usb and sd cards. It shouldn't be this hard....
  5. I'm pretty sure that the ones under the radio are constant and the one in the console is switched.
  6. The Bilsteins were nice and firm...almost too firm for the roads we have here. If I lived in the warmer climate regions, the Bils would have been nice. The winters here heave the roads up in my area, and they have no intention of fixing any roads anytime soon...The adjustability of the Ranchos works for me...
  7. Voodoo science if you ask me........ It all depends on what the truck is and the region. If it's uber cold outside for a long time, then synthetic has it's place. If the truck is an LBZ or older, the extended runs on the oil would make sense for synthetic. I run my EGR blocked LBZ on Mobil 1 for 7500-8000 miles,or whenever the oil change indicator tells me (20%), which is usually the same period. 105K miles with zero issues. My LML on the other hand is totally stock, so I use Delvac 1300 for 5000 or so miles or until the oil life monitor gets to about 20%. I believe these new trucks need more frequent changes due to all the EGR these engines ingest. If using the oil monitor, the LBZ goes a lot longer than the LML.
  8. Tough thing is that ride quality is purely subjective.....In my area, the roads are really rough to the point of making the truck pretty jittery. The highway oscillations that everyone is talking about is understandable...but if you cure the oscillations, chances are the truck becomes jittery over smaller bumps. Had Bilsteins (4600) on my 2002 and 2004 HD, Monroe Reflexes on my 2007 LBZ, and now Rancho 9000XL's, and Sulastic shackles on the same LBZ and each setup had it's good and bad traits.... Add tire pressure adjustments and it becomes even more subjective.... My 2015 has these Z71 shocks and I'm almost too tired to experiment.....
  9. I've had good luck with a JMS Pedalmax for my 2015 Duramax. Definitely a huge improvement....
  10. I would pull the floor trim on the rear door as well to check to see if the rear floor is wet too....If it is, check to make sure your rear cab vent between the bed and cab isn't dislodged. Same wet floor led me to it...after the dealer checked it and did something else....
  11. Nice....my 10 year old LBZ has the rear vents. Dodge and Ford has rear vents.....If GM wants to keep cutting, why not something else instead of a creature comfort that very visible? I'm not looking for every feature in the world. Just the good ones from a 10 year old truck....
  12. Sorry bud.....just venting I guess.....
  13. I have been a GM fan forever, and they are really making it hard to stick with them. Between the uncomfortable seats, all the rattles, the stupid snowplow or sunroof dilemma, and the no rear ac vents, I really wonder why I stick with them. Going to look at the other choices in the next few weeks...
  14. On the AC thing...have any of you been in the backseat on a hot day, with the front seat AC coolers on? Between the seat fans blowing hot air on you and no AC, it's crazy how hot it gets. It's ridiculous that GM would cut that out..I never realized it until I say back there. If I knew this, I doubt I would have purchased this truck. My kids are always in the back...It's a shame, this and the uncomfortable seats are the only negatives...Such little things that GM bungles up...

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