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  1. To me, the summit white is brighter. It seems to stand out more. The pearl finish is definitely cool looking but next to the summit, the pearl is almost more cream colored. (Just barely... but to me it just doesn't seem as bright)
  2. Wow really? 21 w/6.2 and NHT? That's about what I pull down with my 5.3 non-NHT. I thought everybody said the 6.2 mileage sucked?
  3. Wow. My truck's got 40k on it. It's all stock though (no lift or leveling kits). Wondering if this is something I have to watch out for in the coming 10k.
  4. Ball joints wasted on a 2yr old truck? How many miles? Think the lift affected them?
  5. I have a thread kicking around here somewhere, where I referenced disabling Grade Braking. Hold Tow/Haul button down for 5+ seconds, then release, you'll get a popup on the DIC saying "Grade Braking Disabled". With my 6sp truck I notice it's a LOT smoother everywhere - and dozens of folks here report the same thing. I learned about it from my dealer, the service manager has been taking a lot of transmission complaints. IMO the problem lies in the software.
  6. Well... I voted... but IMO the best LOOKING combo isn't on your list.... the 3500 Crew Cab with dually bed, roof lights, and chrome wheels is!
  7. Very nice Nothing wrong with a little overkill on the NHT package. I don't "need" it either (and couldn't find one when I bought mine) but would have loved it just for the extra giddyup! As for the Nav - I have it and like it. Sure, Garmin might be "better" but nothing says tacky like a $45k+ vehicle with a cheesy box suction-cupped to the windshield with a cord dribbled down to the 12v socket. Factory system hasn't gotten me lost yet!
  8. That stinks I don't like the blue. To me it just screams "cheap rental car". The red has so much more pop IMO. Not that I was planning on trading my '15 anytime soon... but I guess now it's just another reason to hang on to it.
  9. Stinks the 16+ isn't removable. Though I haven't made much use of the space under there. Lost my trailer registration (with updated license plate sticker) in there. Tore the entire garage apart looking for it... and wound up eating another $100 to buy a duplicate from the state. Then one day, cleaning the truck, I popped the cupholder out and ... ta-da! *grumble*
  10. Good luck! It works but it takes a bit of work. I also noticed (odd?) that the claybar came out PINK after doing the hood and front fenders. Not sure what that's all about.
  11. It is AWESOME. I swear by it now. Learned about it when I attended this little "how to" detailing seminar at a shop when I lived in Seattle through the Audi club. Guy out there was the guy that detailed all the exotics for the Microsoft employees. He swore by it. Stuff works great. Lasts a LONG time. And is SUPER glossy. If you haven't used it on a black car you're missing out!
  12. Yeah I can't believe I made it this long. I have a few other cars that I keep after (heavily) and the truck just got away from me. Every time I had the chance (time + good weather + ambition) I'd tackle one of the other cars instead.
  13. Yeah. I need to tackle the interior next. The front seats are actually pretty clean overall. The BACK seat, where my son sits.... ugh. "How did he get footprints THERE?!"
  14. Ok so usually I keep my vehicles clean. I hate climbing into a car and seeing dirt and crumbs everywhere, dirty on the outside, etc. Even though my truck is "just a truck"... I paid enough for it, I want it to remain nice. Now I bought my 2015 Sierra SLT way back on Black Friday of 2014. It was already winter so I figured it'd get a good exterior "deep clean" in the spring. I am ashamed to admit that I did not get to it last year... so other than 1-2 hand washes, most of it's cleaning took place at the auto car wash I didn't want to run the truck through a THIRD winter without giving it a good clean and some paint protection, so I spent yesterday cleaning it. One advantage to waiting so long... easy to spot the rail dust. Chicago winters made the rail dust start to rust. And HOLY COW there is a LOT of it!!! Once I got up close to the paint, sheezus... specks of orange EVERYWHERE. Easy to spot being my truck is Summit White. I spent a good 7 hours yesterday with the claybar... never before have I completely burned up a claybar like that. Not only was the paint filthy, but MAN I can't get over the rail dust all over that thing. I spent over an hour on the tailgate! Every few inches, another spec. Ugh. Wound up running out of daylight - but at least the paint is now CLEAN. The white REALLY pops now. Even my wife noticed... so it definitely needed it. Truck parked in the garage now. It'll get a good coat of sealant (Rejex) tonight.
  15. I saw both side by side before purchasing. The pearl white is a beautiful color... but the summit white is a very BRIGHT white, it really pops for some reason. I went with summit - for (a) the "pop" factor and (b) I was worried if I ever needed minor paint repair, the pearl would be impossible.
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