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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone on here has swapped clusters in Canada. Thinking about doing this and have read lots of threads about it on this Forum, however couldn't find anything really about the guys who have done it in Canada ( where to purchase other than dealer, where they had them programmed, clusters in KM/H etc etc ). The denali style cluster would be going into a 2017 GMC Sierra with the blue backlighting. Thanks!
  2. Yah deffentily would want to install to truck when it was new or if your are still have rockers in great shape but want some protection as they can also be painted. At this point I think my damage is already done(and continue of course).I figured because I didn’t care really to fix the body on this truck, this would cover the nasty. I’m basically relying on the upper lip of the door jam where it’s mostly attached to stay intact as it and about 3 to 4 inches down are still in great shape. You are right though, might accelerate things but I’m hoping I won’t see it haha. See how it goes. But highly recommend for guys who want protection and have rockers intact.
  3. So I have a 2004 Gmc Sierra SLE that I use as a gravel bomber/work/farm truck. Lately all the rust on the bottom rockers has been getting worse and driving me nuts just looking at it. I really can't afford to just bring it into a body shop and get it all fixed up properly, and don't really see the worth it being a $5000 truck at best. Was browsing online one day about the problem and came across these great plastic rocker guard covers from Bushwacker. https://www.amazon.ca/Bushwacker-14068-Rocker-Chevrolet-Extended/dp/B01I4Y1L1K/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1522179472&sr=8-3&keywords=bushwacker+trail+armor https://www.tdotperformance.ca/bushwacker-14068-trailarmor-rocker-panel-oe-matte-black.html Love these and it covers all the rust and lack of metal remaining Lol. Now I know its lipstick on a pig at this point but outta site outta mind. Wish up here in Canada they wouldn't salt the roads after every light dusting of snow so we could have nice things last longer. Here are some before and afters.
  4. Was thinking the exact same thing!. Those headlights if they are scooped like that.....man the bugs a guy would catch, especially where I live..lol
  5. Firestone ride rites are great. Had them on my 08 hauling a 26 foot camper and leveled it perfect every time. Pulled and rode a lot smoother as well. Have 1 summer with them on my 17 and worked great. Super easy install when you remove the spare tire. Highly recommend!
  6. Anybody spacer the midnight/ATx 18" style wheels on their truck with pics haha? Thinking about it on my atx as aftermarket rims and tires are not in the budget right now.. Was thinking 1.5" bora spacers
  7. Anybody in the Edmonton area specifically (but i guess if you feel like a driving) interested in a Sierra Sport bar off a 17 All Terrain X. Its brand new, came off the truck from dealer. Just not a fan of the look but maybe you are! Was asking $800 OBO. PM me for more details Thanks
  8. Hi there, I noticed your from the Edmonton Area. Im in the area as well and have one for sale. I notice this is a fairly old post so you probably already found one but worth a shot. Im asking 800 if your interested?
  9. I will have to ask but it never showed up in any of the option lists on this truck. Also on gm Canada website, building the truck it never showed up there in the list either.
  10. Yah I used plasti dip, easiest and safest way do to it. Make sure u tape off areas u don't want hit by over spray. Easiest way to do the letters is to tape off a square or rectangle around them, apply 4-5 light coats with about 30 min drying time between each. Once dried you will be left with your letters as well as some of your paint coated, remove tape and the remaining should just easily peel around each letter making it look like u took every letter off individually. The grey truck I had in the picture, they have lasted almost 4 years that way with harsh Canadian climate and tons of washing and still look like the day I did them. In closed letters such as the "O" for example, I used a sharp toothpick to remove the dip that got in there. It really works well. The front bumper has about 7 coats on with about 4 years on it and still looks great after bugs and road salt and sand...
  11. Right on, I ordered a set for the front and rear
  12. I really considered black too. My wife has a 12' Acadia which is black. Man we can't keep that thing clean living on a farm and these dirty roads in Canada especially in winter lol. I chose white as I've had it before and easier to keep clean.
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