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  1. I don't mind the way it handles the load I just really hate how it looks and all the headlights flashing me when I meet cars at night.
  2. Just an update on my Header install. I have put about 1000 miles on it so far with the AR LT Headers and updated Black Bear Tune. I also just got back from a trip towing my Jeep and 2 atv's on my car trailer. Total weight of truck and trailer was just under 14,000lbs. Truck can hold 6th gear way better and pulls much, much better. I also averaged just a little over 10 miles to the gallon. I pulled the same load to Colorado and back in August before I made any modifcations and averaged just under 9 mpg. My truck does not have the Max Tow option so I only have 3.42 gears. The only problem I have now is the trucks rear springs are not heavy enough to handle the weight. I am almost on the bump stops when I get teh load where I need it for the truck to handle correct. Has any one installed helper airbags to help with this problem?
  3. I just put a Black Bear tune in my truck a few weeks ago and that made a very noticeable difference. With the headers there is a very noticeable difference in how quick the motor revs. The truck feels like it has a lot more low end torque. It doesn't shift out of 6th nearly as often as it did before. I have only put about 100 miles on it so far. I will be getting an updated tune from Black Bear soon to account for the headers and no Cats. Oddly I don't have any check engine lights on yet. I have to assume I will. Does it take time for the computer to figure out what is going on. I will post once I get the updated tune installed. My dad has almost the same truck I do with a 6.2 but it is an extended cab. I am looking forward to doing a side by side comparison. His truck is totally stock. Mine has a 2" leveling kit and 285 tires. I am hoping to see a big difference between the two trucks.
  4. I just intalled my headers last night and as far as mechanical noise I don't really notice anything more then the normal header noise. It almost sounds like an axhaust leak but it is not. I want to describe it as a tinny sound. Not very noticeable unless you know that truck very well. I had a set of LT Headers on a half ton silverado with the throttle body 350 and the mechanical sound or header tick is no different on this truck then the old 350. I have a corsa system with ARH LT headers and no Cats. At highway speeds of 60 to 70 in the cab there is no noticeable difference in sound level. The second you give any throttle it is loud. I thought I had a window open in the back of the truck it was so loud. It is very controllable though. It sounds just slightly louder then stock at idle or easlily driving around town but will wake the enitre neighborhood up if you really lay into it. I have had the Corsa system for a while now with the stock manifolds and cats and was very dissapointed in the sound level. The system was very high quality and installed supe easy, but the stock exhaust system was louder. At wide open throttle it had a little more noise level but not enough for me. I no longer have that problem. The headers went on very smoothly and fit perfectly. No fitment issues at all. If anyone else is doing this, remove the passenger side inner fenderwell and your life will be much easier. Driver side there is no need to remove. I had to cut the old "Y" pipe out. I just could not see anyway to get it out without removing the cross member.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I have them in hand now. Wish me luck.
  6. I need some advice. I just got my American Racing Headers and am looking forward to installing them in the near future. I just want some pointers on getting them to seal and stay sealed. I have only put headers on my old Jeep and the were always leaking. These ARH's are way better quality then anything else I have ever had but any help would be great. The aluminum heads worry me too. Do I put anti-sieze on the bolts? How tight do I torque the bolts? Any info would be great.
  7. Got the truck back yesterday. I didn't realize how bad it really was running until I pulled out of the dealership. It has a lot more get up now. Dealer wanted to know if I have been running E85. I have never put anything lower then 91 octane with no more the 10% ethanol. Turns out the computer was reading the fuel at 75% ethanol. Reflashed the computer and all is fine for now.
  8. I blew off the tire thing. I can kind of see the oil soaked filter causing problems. It goes there Monday so I will see what they say.
  9. I know we have moved on from this but I too am having trouble with cold starts. The difference is I don't even have a block heater. My truck is garaged but the garage is not heated. Usually doesn't get below 20F. Truck will start run like garbage for a minute then die. When I start it the second time it still runs terrible and dies a second time. By the third time it will finally keep running. I am also have service lights coming on but nothing to do with the motor or emissions. So far it has been the service traction control and service trailer brake control. Last time I took it to the dealer for running poorly it was late summer and they said it was because I have over sized tires which are only 275's which is an option, and I did have an aftermarket K&N cold air intake which I have removed. Truck has 12,000 miles. Just checking to see if anyone else is having similar issues.
  10. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Corsa 24524 DB Cat Back Exhaust and the Corsa 14524 Sport Cat back exhaust? There is about a $450 difference in price. The sport exhaust is the more expensive and I can't figure out what the difference is. I'm looking for a louder exhaust but not too loud. Stock 6.2 exhaust is louder then the stock 5.3 but I want a little more rumble.
  11. Just thought I would post after I picked up my 2013 6.2 Sierra. I am finally part of the club. I traded in my almost identical 2012 5.3 Sierra to get it. This thread helped make the decision for me. Well actually this thread and trying to keep up with another truck with a 6.2 pulling a Jeep on a car hauler. I was pulling almost an identical load with my 5.3 and it was amazing how much difference there was in power. There was also less then a mile per gallon difference in fuel economy between the 2 trucks over a 2500 mile trip from Illinois to Colorado and back. Both had 3.42 gears and 6spd trannies. The best part I was able to pull out the dealership and fish tale the new truck with no trouble. Can you believe my wife says I am like a big kid. Thanks for all of the info guys!
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