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  1. promo

    when or do you offer forum members some incentives to order from you guys
  2. Motor Mounts

    whats a good source for motor mounts Ive looked at gmpartsdirect.com but the reviews seem to be horrible what are you guys using to save a buck
  3. Is there a DIY for replacing motor mounts or a sticky? I have searched hadn't found it, if someone could direct me to it I would appreciate it also what could I expect to pay to have a shop to do the motor mounts what would be a fair price 2008 silverado extra cab ltz 2wd 5.3
  4. I've been chasing this for weeks but, when driving and coming to a stop I get a grinding /chatter right before coming to a complete stop , sounds like really bad brake pads,or slight abs engagement. I've Check front Brake and calipers, Rear Shoes and drums front hub bearings for play . one other observation I've noticed it more if the engine is in 4cylinder AFM mode. If I put the truck in Drive3 to keep it in V8 mode its a very hard to notice but its still there but not as noticable I also hear something that sound loose under the truck when it happens and I feel a sensation in the gas & brake pedal no codes present 2008 silverado 5.3 LY5 2wd front leveling everything else stock range afm delete coming 152k
  5. try cleaning off the light sensor on your dash or on the rear view mirror it may not be able to see light making your autolight to come on thinking its dark
  6. I had the exact same problem with my 08 ltz months after purchase took for service ! they did a software update and the no start symptoms were gone but the fluctuating volt gauge problem wasn't as extreme but it still fluctuated between 11v - 14v at times still have the truck and it hasnt gave me any issues I also upgraded my battery to a AGM Northstar which improved it
  7. WTB 2014 Rear bumper.

    There's one on the hamptonroads virginia craigslist http://norfolk.craigslist.org/pts/4591641255.html
  8. Silver08

    my truck

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