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  1. I decided to take one more "kick at the can" with my dealership to see if I could get anywhere after writing my initial thread. After speaking with the service manager two weeks back, he finally sat down with the district service manager. They wanted me to fork out $600 to make the repairs to the window and door trim and GM would cover the rest. I wasn't interested, but after some talking we agreed to my $200 extended warranty deductible which will cover the four door trims and a new rear window, all of which has already been replaced once before under warranty. They won't consider the door handles, but I will take what I can get at this point.
  2. I was told no. Since the service was done under GM bumper to bumper warranty initially, it was only covered for 90 days. I spoke to the original sales manager I bought the truck from, the service manager, the advisor, and GM Canada multiple times. All my routine service and maintenance done by the same selling dealer, and purchased two trucks from them prior...no leeway at all. On the cracked window frame (second time) they offered me 25% off of the retail price of the window which would have come to $556, but then the dealer said $150 to install it. The parts guy offered me the window at cost ($442) and just shook his head at what GM and his own dealership were putting me through. Had I paid out of pocket to have the services completed, I was informed it would have been 1 year coverage. My best friend is a Ford mechanic. He doesn't claim their trucks to be any better (at least not to me), but he did say getting things addressed would be a lot easier when you know someone in the shop. I did send a note to Tricia (the GM rep that responded earlier), but I have not heard anything.
  3. Mechanically, I have had very few problems with the truck....everything covered under warranty. I used to detail vehicles when I was younger so I pay a great deal of attention to trim, plastics, etc. I baby this truck. Only hand wash it, 3 stage wax every time I treat the paint. It looks new inside and out, which is even more reason for me to be bothered when chrome peels off of door handles (which is not a coverage on the 2009 by the way I was informed) and trim either cracks or lets go....a second time after it was initially fixed.
  4. I wouldn't go so far as to say the truck "sucks" as it basically is the same as a Suburban or Silverado. I actually had a 2006 Avalanche and traded it up to a 2009 because there was such an upgrade on the interior styling. I use my truck for hauling the boat and snowmobiles, as well as two husky's, but during the week I use the truck for business and visiting/entertaining clients. The new model (2007+) just had a little more prestige to them which was better suited to my job when picking up clients. As a side note, I picked up my truck today after having a recall done and a the transmission serviced. My advisor noted he had a call from GM customer service about my peeling door handles while my truck was in the shop and he said the rep was a jerk. I left the dealership and figured one more battle lost. Really a confusing message when GM dealers blame General Motors head office for problems and the dealer won't stand behind the product they market or make a living selling.
  5. Let me start by saying this is my 7th GM vehicle I have owned and my third truck, and second Avalanche. Mechanically the truck is very good and I have been pleased with the vehicle performance wise after 80,000km's. I have an extended warranty on this truck, but it seems anything to do with trim on it is horrible. I had the sail panels in the rear replaced under warranty as they were tiger striping just before 60,000kms. GM pointed out that my rear window frame glass was cracked and they replaced that under warranty. My door trims on all four doors started bowing out at each end and GM replaced those under factory warranty. My interior door handles have now started peeling (chrome is separating from the plastic) and I was informed by the dealer that it is not covered under extended warranty. The thing that gets me is the rear window was replaced and six months after it was replaced the frame cracked again. I went back to the dealer and they said it was not covered as I was 90 days outside of warranty because of my mileage (warranty was to 60,000kms). I contacted GM customer service and after a couple of months going back and forth, they offered a new window at 25% off of retail ($742), but then stated the dealer was going to charge $125 to swap it out. Anyone that owns an Avalanche knows the window is user removable and can be out of the truck in less than 30 seconds. How they could warranty a window for 90 days that obviously is a design flaw is beyond me. There are hundreds of posts on the net about Avalanche window frames cracking. The trim I had replaced is terribly bowed on 3 doors right now. I went to the dealer body shop within 6 months of having it repaired and they said because I was out of warranty there was nothing they could do. It looks terrible for a 2009 vehicle. The truck is at the dealer today getting a recall/campaign done for a lost power problem which I experienced last week. Also getting a tranny flush. I have called GM today about the door handles which I could care less about, but my wife cut her finger on one so something needs to be done. I'm just waiting for my dash to crack like all the other posts I have read. Is it just me? There was a time when I felt GM customer service was there to help the customer and would stand behind their vehicles and I meant something, but I'm ready to call it quits and look at another brand after being a lifelong GM supporter. (As a side note, I bought this vehicle days before GM was on the verge of announcing bankruptcy and receiving their subsequent bailout).
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