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  1. Ford sales 450 and 550 account to nothing over a year, not enough to talk about
  2. If I didn't need a crew cab I'd probably order one myself... Truck is going to kick ass
  3. I have a soft tri fold and the winter hasn't bothered the vinyl yet, bought it from tonnopro.com
  4. A lot more buyers are looking for an option like this, more and more people want their trucks to be more car like and use them more like cars??? Why not offer it??? I have driven everything and I would much prefer the center shift because the column shift doesn't really offer much more space unless you got a bench seat
  5. Thing is, everyone who owns a ford and dodge love it, way more then half of them trucks sold have a console shifter and it's there because the customers want it... My GMC doesn't give me ooodles more storage space then a Ford does, it's about the same... I'd LOVE to have one in my GMC Only people that seem to hate it are the GM crowd because they have never had it, everyone else loves it... Atleast offer it in the high country and denali, those customers are the same customers buying limited, plaitnum's, longhorns who are looking for this sort of thing
  6. and from what it says from what I can tell there is both 4 and 2 wheel drive versions
  7. What truck would it be??? Never seen a reg cab 5.3 yet with 4.10 gears that's gonna haul ass like this one, the 5.3 in the crew cab is slower then a crew cab ecoboost ford in every test and it doesn't have nice seats. a console shift and bucket seats etc
  8. I seen both don't worry, Ford and Dodge have a nicer interior... I'd much rather sit behind the old slt/ltz interior. Truck still doesn't have a console shift that more then half of the other trucks have and everyone pretty well loves except the hardcore GM guys... I can't stand the layout of the work truck style interiors.... The step bumper is cheesy, and cheap looking. My truck had the stock goodyear's, they were junk and they are still using crappy tires. The flashy trucks are what sells, Ford and dodge sell every one of them they can build, GM should get in the game and do the same, because the high country is no where near as nice as a platinum, longhorn etc... GM even said they were kind of after the work market with the trucks... Ford does both, GM seems to have a hard time to do just the work crowd
  9. My buddy who also has an extended cab z71 slt but it's an 08, his broke as well same spots as mine.... The springs are junk on the trucks, it's simple... nobody can tell me otherwise
  10. I'd much rather 3m clear film then this stuff, to me it belongs on a old beater to cover up defects, not on a 50,000 truck
  11. I went all over the truck the other day and it's nothing to write home about, the styling is totally bland, I met one coming toward me the other day on the road and could barely tell it apart until it was right on top of me, Back bumper looks horrible with the steps and cheap as well... Still running junk tires, cheapo interior... Ford and dodge make it look horrible in comparison... GM had over 6 years to hit a home run and take it to dodge and ford and I think they failed
  12. These new trucks are a downright let down, the factory rocker guard finish looks terrible IMO... I'd never want that on my truck ever, makes it looks like an old bomb someone is trying to make last for another year
  13. When I drove by at first, I was looking in and I had a hard time to tell what was what from the road... Never went far enough... I was disappointed really, i was expecting much better
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