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  1. Thanks for the help I got the stamped steel from the picture below. Someone else posted it on another topic. I found a setup I like he is running 275/65/20 ridge grapplers on 20" factory wheels with a 2.5"RC leveling kit. The only difference is I want to use shocks to level and not a RC or motofab kit. I will install new UCA's down the road. That shouldn't be an issue right?
  2. New owner of a 2017 GMC 6.2 8 spd slt crew cab 4x4 max tow package. My plan is to level it with fox 2.0 shocks and run 33"-34" ridge grapplers. From reeding different posts trucks with stamped steel uca's rub more than others. So my question is will this set up work? Does it help if the tire are 11.5" wide or can I go with 12.50" and how tall can I go?
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