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    Driving My 87 Buick Grand National to car shows, or keepin my 99 Chev Silverado 1500 clean! I also buy,sell, and trade classic arcade games and pinball machines! And to fund all this I'm an engineer for Comcast SportsNet! :)
  1. Thanks for the posts guys! I had ARE confirm as well finally after the pics. Seems late in 14 they did change the bed a bit maybe just that tailgate wing? But after seeing the pics I should be good to go. Thanks so much for the reply's!
  2. So the white truck is the one I'm going to buy and the cap is on my gray truck that I currently own. Hopefully the links work! https://www.flickr.com/photos/phillyturbosix/28299810651/in/album-72157672502100266/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/phillyturbosix/30137840036/in/album-72157672502100266/
  3. Hi guys, I'm getting conflicting information here. Will my cap or topper from my 2009 GMC 2500 extended cab, Fit on the bed of a 2014 2500 4 door truck? The beds are the same length. Some say the beds are the same but ARE seems to think they are slightly different. Figured I'd ask you guys and see. Thanks!
  4. I called up Discount Tire Direct and they suggested using a 265/75-16. It's a little taller and wider and it will on my stock rims. Anyone else running that size on a stock rim? Can you post up a pic if so. Just curious how it will look!
  5. I did theBilstein 24-060813 Shock Absorbers on the front. I have air bags in the back with the factory shocks still. I keep about 20psi in the bags. My truck is not used much other then towing my inclosed trailer a few times a year and the occasional joy ride. I have 30K on it now and the front shocks were trash. Every truck I've ever bought over the years you only get about 20 to 25K out of the shocks. Must be the part they all cheapen out on. I like the ride of the Bilsteins a lot. I was able to feel the road. I noticed right away.
  6. Thought about that as well using my rims. They are in perfect condition. What size tire are you thinking? I'd like to fill the wheel well better without getting a tire that looks too big for the rim as well. Thanks!
  7. I'm in NE Philly so I can go anywhere in that area I don't mind traveling a little.
  8. Well I mean it's raked with I have the airbags loaded with no trailer on it. I'll go to an event with my car and since I don't have the auto fill compressor for the bags. I'll typically just leave the air in the bags and it's raked. This picture is how it sits and the car is in the trailer when I took this. 70psi in the bags. But yea now the truck has the leveling kit since this pic so loaded airbags won't look as bad if I have to make some errans while the trailer is unhooked at an event. I was thinking about getting a custom tune but I'm not sure who is around the Philadelphia area I wou
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