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  1. Hello GM-Trucks, I have a question that I cannot get to the bottom of, and was wondering if any of you could help. My Chevrolet Silverado 2014 Z71 produces a weird buzz when accelerating. The truck has aftermarket exhaust, but the sound showed up long after the exhaust was installed. The buzz sound is not present while the engine is idling, but is present in drive, reverse, or park when the accelerator is pressed. The sound originates from somewhere inside of the front left tire, but I cannot pinpoint the location. Also, the sound is not present every time I use the truck. But, it'
  2. My AC went out 2 weeks ago at 35,800 miles on early 2014 model 1500 z71. I called immediately, but wasn't able to schedule an appointment and get into the dealership shop until today. Unfortunately, I'm now at 36,300 miles, so I was very worried that I'd be out of warranty coverage. Luckily, the dealership went with the mileage that I mentioned on the phone a few weeks ago. They just told me that my compressor failed - it was still engaging, so I'm not sure what the failure was. They are replacing it, free of charge. Looks like this will be my last warranty service, hopefully everything e
  3. So far, it looks like I've lost about 1.5 mpg with a 2" RC level, 285/55/20 Durarac tires, and removing the air damn. However, those are mostly city streets, I'm about to hop on the highway to go camping (a ~200 mile round trip). We'll see how the performance looks after.
  4. I bought new tires today to go with my 2" RC level. I went with the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 285/60/20, no rubbing, even in a "full flex" position (I jacked up the back right of the truck and turned my wheel hard left). I initially fitted some 305/55/20s - they fit and don't rub, but there is quite a bit of rub while flexed. It's a new truck and I really don't want to deal with trimming, or chance rub induced damage.
  5. They say, if you haven't destroyed your air dam within the first year of owning your truck, you're doing it wrong. I had a ranch road wash out on me at 3 in the morning during some heavy rain (I blame the rain, but it could have been the alcohol.) Anyways, the plastic piece got bent up - I yanked it off and like the look much more. But, that's the great thing about a truck - we all get to mod it, or leave it stock, to our hearts content.
  6. I still haven't actually added these on yet, but these are the flares I'm looking at. edit: You GMC guys are lucky, I really like the look of those stock fender flares. edit 2: I'd also really like to upgrade my exhaust to get something a little throatier than stock. However, I don't want it to be obnoxious at all, so I'd really like to hear a few different exhaust setups before I pursue this. Also, the V8/V4 transition *could* sound like crap with the wrong exhaust system.
  7. Here is my electrical conversion setup: I have 2 Interstate MT7 AMG deep cycle batteries under the hood. These have better performance under adverse conditions (cold being my primary concern), still provide adequate cranking amps when the battery is low, and are meant to be discharged/charged without hurting the battery life (note: normal car batteries are not designed to be discharged all the way and then recharged, their lead will not properly re-plate upon recharging.) If you want to keep it simple, just put one of these in your truck, they are much better than normal car batteries.
  8. So far... Battery conversion (running 2 deep cycle marine batteries, 1 dedicated to the truck, 1 dedicated to alternate/backup power) 1400 watt inverter under rear driver side seat Leer Bed Topper (not the best look, but great in Colorado mountain winter) Rhino Lined the bed LED lights running under both bed rails (operated by 2 switches in the bed) Outdoor rated AC power outlet in the bed (connects to inverter, I camped in the topper on a -20 F night using a mattress pad, sleeping bag, and a heat blanket - awesome !!) Leveling Kit Removed front air dam Window tint (match front to back) Still
  9. I had a dirt road collapse during a heavy rainstorm last spring, my front right tire ended up in a small (but steadily growing) stream, and I completely crushed that dumb air damn. I still haven't removed it (3 months later), guess I'll yank it off this afternoon~
  10. I just got the 2" rough country installed on my truck. It looks great, but I have noticed a little difference on the highway in terms V8 to V4 transition. It is definitely less aerodynamic with the front spacers and wants to kick back into V8 earlier than before.
  11. Mine feels a little sluggish on the gas, but that's just because it takes a bit on the peddle to make it really respond. There is good acceleration, even at highway speeds. The front/rear parking assist is great, as well as the rear parking camera with predictive reverse lines. Mylink navigation and entertainment is very intuitive and a large electronics upgrade. I really love the interior - great colors (I got brown/tan), lighting, features, and sound insulation. The overall ride is extremely smooth, it almost reminds me of a Lexus or something. I've got a Jeep Rubicon for the rougher stuff,
  12. I finally got my 2014 last weekend and quickly realized that it needs a leveling kit. The center of the back wheel well measures 39 1/4" and the front is around 37". I'd like to find a leveling kit that doesn't mess with the back at all, anyone have any recommendations?
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