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  1. I have experienced a similar smell. This has only when I worked the anti-slip / traction control hard. Are you driving on ice or other slippery conditions? When I drive across lakes w/ lots of snow it will give a smell like you described. Any chance this is what you are experiencing?
  2. In the manual it specifies that you should replace the batteries in the remote. Even tho the remote works the signal strength is better with new batteries. Maybe that will help if you have subsequent doors to program...maybe. Good luck.
  3. I always back my vehicle into an situation that it'll be sitting. So do all my friends! My transmitter works just fine when backing into garage. Same as all the other GMC trucks I have owned. It works way better than the Ford at the station too.
  4. +1 Readylift. The shops I have used historically won't install RC anymore. It is inferior in quality. Worth the money... up to you. Both will work but and may never cause an issue. The Readlylift is less likely to ever be an issue.
  5. Funny first side steps i have ver found to actually be useful. I have been stepping over every other design for years. The OEM w/ AT are much better than most as I used them 70% of the time before going with the AMP. Now I use the step every time even with giant snow boost on.
  6. Did you buy the one we had linked earlier? I am asking because there has been some debate about what diameter to buy. What was the receiving diameter of the one you bought and how much play did it have? Thanks... Pictures also pls.
  7. I had those on my ford... well made but mine bent from farm work. I wonder if they fixed the issue with them being so close to the truck that you couldn't use them with big boots on. Hard to tell until installed.
  8. The HID's as long as marked DOT approved are an acceptable replacement solution. The real controversy is more specific to LED and not DOT rated lighting. The 2015 Yukon Denali come stock with HID's the Cadillacs too. I would not be surprised if even the Sierra's got the in coming years. One word of caution is that you get what you pay for in the HID packages. If you want robust solution that will produce better light without being a maintenance issue you need to be selective. Lastly, personally I don't consider this much of a mod. Your risk is tiny and you can reverse this if you are unsatisfied. I am still saying my options but will definitely be upgrading the Fogs and Driving lights. There is my two bits anyway.
  9. Actual recall email posted. Funny thing is I heard about this from the news. Saw the 10 topics posted here. Checked my VIN against the GM recall website no recalls. Got a call from my dealer saying I was not impacted. Today I get this email. Seems a little odd... just saying. Recall 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.pdf Recall 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.pdf Recall 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.pdf Recall 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.pdf
  10. I am in process of blacking out my 2014 Sierra Crew Cab. I have the chrome window trim at the moment. I see GM sells the Chrome for $450 and the Black plastic for $185. I am hoping I can find someone that wants to make a trade plus some cash. Or... you have black takes offs and already have chrome installed I'll but them direct and sell my chrome take offs separately.
  11. The square lenses are growing on me quick! Nice job guys. I need both driving and off road so a rheostat is mandatory for my application. Unless anyone has seen a version that has a high low?
  12. You can connect the handle w/o removing the door panel. All you need is a Torx 20 screwdriver and some 10lb or stronger fishing line. You can double up lighter line if it's all you have. Let me know if interested I can explain more or find the post that taught me.
  13. I'm wondering if these lights are 1/2 of the design. The projectors appear to be the same design as the 2015 Yukon Denali. Yet the 2015 Yukon's come with HID's from the factory. So i am wondering if they designed these with HID's in mind and ended up cutting corner for time or cost or something. I love the LED running lights. I hope to get the fogs and headlamps to match... so many options! I take that back... the projector itself may be similar but there rest of the housing is unique... which is odd in itself.
  14. I just can't get a good representation of the Iridium Metallic. It looks black in most of my pictures. It definitely has that look to it though.
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