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  1. These are the upper and lower “covers” driver side seat only. Plus the seat bottom foam for the drivers side. I had a 2005 Silverado. I checked the part numbers on The Seat Shop website and it will work with your ‘06 Avalanche.
  2. Some of you may know, I traded in my ‘05 and I have some leftover parts that I need to get out of my garage.Upper and Lower leather replacement covers and seat bottom foam - The Seat Shop. I bought these direct from The Seat Shop to completely re-do my drivers seat but never got around to it. I would like to sell as a complete set, in brand new condition. Medium Dark Pewter (light gray) OEM Vinyl/Leather Would like to sell locally and as a set. Can ship at your expense.$475Brand new in the box Trex Billet Grille - Part 21100Never opened, had planned to install but traded the truck prior. Can ship at your expense. $75Blackbear Performance AutoCal.Used once to tune my truck prior to trade in. Nearly new condition in the box. Can ship at your expense. $225Help me get my garage back and fund the mods for the new ‘18.
  3. 2005 Silverado 1500 So I attempted to use my trailer wiring this weekend but ran into a few issues. I had to splice back in the female end to the connector on the receiver. All of the wires matched except white on the end I was splicing to the oem harness, but according to the owners manual white is ground though the truck has a black (I'm assuming ground since all others matched and wire is the same gauge) I was not getting and lights on the trailer. I tested to see if the prongs were getting any power, the only prong that had power was the (yellow) left turn and stop. I checked all the fuses and had a few that were blown, replaced all of them today and now I am not getting power (according to the plug in tester) to any of the prongs now. What gives? This is the first time I have attempted to use the trailer wiring in several years.
  4. Selling my K&N CAI off my 05 Silverado. Intake is in great shape, will be cleaned up before it's sold. I'm looking to trade my Silverado in otherwise I would keep it. Asking $140 shipped in the Continental U.S. Located in San Diego, CA
  5. I just wanted to update this topic, we are finally getting some rain here and the issue is back. I pulled the grill off and shot water directly into the ambient temp sensor and did not have a problem with it, I went as far as to electrical tape that connection to make sure as well I'm at a loss, it's driving me crazy. If i take it to the dealer are they able to scan the truck and see if there are any ac faults?
  6. Yeah I was out looking at the truck earlier and I think I am going to pull the grille off as well. Thanks for the help so far. Worst case I have an appt at the dealer for a trans and coolant flush anyhow. I just wanted to avoid spending more if I was able to figure it out and replace it myself.
  7. Thanks. I will have to pull the grille off to see what's going on there. I have auto ac too so I'm sure I'll have at least two sensors. It's just a pain having to try and diagnose this since it only happens when I wash the truck. I'm wondering now though if I spray through the grille if that will cause the ac to stop working. That way I can kind of narrow it down I suppose.
  8. That's one thing I forgot to mention, the temp display on my mirror is still reading close to what the actual temp is. Is it possible that the sensor isn't connected all the way or that it is on it's way out? Where exactly is that sensor by the way?
  9. Do you think it's underhood and not some ambient temp sensor somewhere else?
  10. I also wanted to add that when I am having this issue, if I disconnect the negative battery cable the problem goes away. But it always reoccurs when the truck gets washed. Is it possible that a sensor may have gone bad, is there any method of testing that or does it need to be taken to a dealer? Thanks again!
  11. Hello guys, my 2005 Silverado with auto ac is throwing me through a loop. When the truck gets wet like when I wash it the ac won't engage. The ac indicator on the climate control flashes three times and will not allow the compressor to turn on I only seem to have this problem when it gets wet, all the other times it will work perfectly. I have had an issue with the low pressure switch and connector in the last and have replaced those, I don't think that's my issue but I figure I would mention it just in case. Please help, I really don't want to have to take the truck to the dealer for diagnosis but it's driving me crazy.
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