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  1. I had a similar problem the first week, same truck with 22's. I brought it back to the dealer with a couple hundred miles on it. They found 1 tire out of round and road forced the rest. After they swapped out the tire and balanced it's been great. I will say that it does smooth out over time also. I went and bought new OEM 20" wheels for snow tires and went through 2 different sets of snows and could not get them to stop shaking over 60mph. Went back 5 different times for different types of balance techniques and in the end took them off and put the stock 22's back on!
  2. Got the call back today that after all the testing with the specialized equipment, GM says there is a bulletin out that extends to the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 that as the DFM does it's thing, there may be a vibration felt in the floor, seat, steering wheel, etc. there is no service recommenced! So with 2900 miles on it, and $62K i'm supposed to live with the stupid vibrations. They claim that there is no vibrations when the truck is in manual shift mode and that is the proof that the vibrations are caused by the DFM.... Am I being jerked around, or is this what I am supposed to live with on this truck? Is there a place to see all the service bulletins online? I'm pissed that I have a great truck that rides like shit!
  3. They replaced the bad tire and there is still a problem. I had to take the service manager for a ride today, he is not thinking it's a wheel/tire issue as it vibrates through all speed ranges. I left it with them again. Not happy, brand new truck, 2900 miles, WTF
  4. They are replacing one bad tire and then we'll see from there. They have had it for half a day, we'll see what today brings.......
  5. Grab it by the bottom of the arrow and pull a bow into the piece, the point of the arrow is where the tab is located. It needs to slide rearward to dis engage. Put your hand on the part with the tab and hold it in while you pull with the other hand and it will slide out
  6. My 19 Denali Ultimate (2000 mi, 3 weeks old) was back to the dealer for a vibration, they are getting me a loaner next week. They need to swap out tires, they claim they have had issues with the 22" tires being defective. The vibration is not bad (not as bad as my 14 HC) on the highway, but when hitting bumps the truck seems to chatter pretty good. We'll see what they come up with.....
  7. So I did my install the other day, pretty straighforward following the directions on the website. One thing the directions say is "Be careful not to break the tab" blah blah. So I broke the damn tab on the drivers side, not really noticeable as I didn't break it all the way off, it was hanging by a thread but enough to hold it in place. The trick here is to grab the middle of the lower trim piece and pull it out (bend it) towards you to slide the tab out of the front. You need to release all the clips first, but put some decent pressure on the middle while holding the front part in (make a bow in it) and it will come out. Other than that the directions were spot on. Good luck
  8. I had a convo with him on FB, GM made him take it down. I got mine sitting here waiting to install, looks like i'll do it from memory too!
  9. I jammed a folded up business card in there for now, i'll be monitoring this thread for the fix! I wonder if an o-ring can be added to stop it from rattling? Maybe by taking the whole assembly down and lookin at the back side?
  10. found that, passenger side works normally still laughin.... passenger side door works fine
  11. Yea, i saw that while i was checking out the other side. I was looking for a "child proof" lock out switch type thing (there was one on my Avalanche and Tahoe) on the door but couldn't find that either.
  12. When i pull the handle, the lock button pops up but the door doesn't open, it doesn't feel like there is any connection with the rod to the latch mechanism. Normally i would not be too concerned and would drop off at dealer for the warranty work, but the question i have is this. I installed the pop n lock tailgate power lock and i want to make sure the new trucks are the same as the old as far as door opening being mechanical and not electrical. If they are electrical then i may have screwed something up with the install of the pop n lock, which has been installed for 700 mi by the way. So are the door latches good old fashioned mechanical or new fangled electric? Thanks Kevin
  13. had the rain x wipers on my avalanche for two years, they were great. Way better than the stock wipers. Just my 2cents
  14. Put on the FAC G4 cover today! Fits mint, i really like it. Also put in the Pop and Lock power tailgate lock. I still can't believe i had to buy it aftermarket, i came from an Avalanche where it is standard equip! Here's a few pics, only 156 miles on it!
  15. I was thinking this when i hit the flapper and it started right up, that it made no sense that the flapper was the cause. So now i'm waiting for it to happen again.... maybe it is the starter, guess i won't know until it shows its ugly head again!
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