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  1. Mine had 80 miles on it, I had it for 3 days then it started acting up.
  2. Sorry to hear that your still having problems strike, 2 degrees here and my truck fired right up this morning. Im hoping that will be the fix for you and hey atleast your getting mud flaps for free.
  3. In my opinion it's luck of the draw. A friend and my uncle bought one and they have had no problems mine did however.
  4. Hey all, sorry had a busy 2 days. My dealership replaced my started Friday and I picked it up around 3pm est. Woke up Saturday and went out to start it. It was around 10 deg outside. And was 13 degrees this morning when I started. Truck started up with no problem. Turned over a few times but fired up. Hope this solves everyones problems. I will keep everyone posted.
  5. That was my problem kurtg2020 we shall see if this is a fix or not as next week will continue these cold temperatures
  6. We'll GMs answer for mine is to put a new starter in it. They are overnighting one from Canada and will let everyone know if it solves anything.
  7. Yes was 5 deg Tuesday when it started, -15 yesterday, and 0 today when they had it
  8. GM is looking into starters manufactured in a certain frame to see if it is a problem on their end.
  9. Partial update here. They had the problem starting it this morning, they said the voltage was normal. They are waiting to hear from GM on the next course of action. Mentioned they might try a new starter. That's all for now.
  10. Update on my situation. Leaving the truck at the dealership overnight so they can run a test on it in the AM. Will update when I get called tomorrow.
  11. Yes have tried the remote start and the Remote link from onstar with no results.
  12. Hey all, I am having problems with my brand new silverado starting. The this in 4 days old just rolled it off the lot and this is what is happening to me. The past 2 mornings and last night when I was getting ready to leave for work. I went out to start the truck and all I get is a single click when I turn the key in the ignition. Try it again a few more times and the same thing has happened. I quit for 5-10 minutes after trying and go back out and try it again. It fires up first try with no problem. This morning I attempted to see if it was a battery problem and tried to jump it with no success. Wasn't sure if it was a loose contact so I wiggled the steering wheel and shifter and still no results. Brought it into my local chevy dealership this morning after having the same issue and finally was able to get it started. They hooked it up to their computers and checked it all and said their was no errors reading. They told me they were going to contact GM via their help portal and still have yet to hear anything. I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue. I also posted a video this morning to Youtube showing what happens when I first try.
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