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  1. sorry for the confusion. it has 3.42 gears. it just had taller tires, so it was essentially a different effective gear ratio. I fixed that... put stock size tires back on. i do have the weight distribution hitch... guess I'll just see how that works, if its not enough I'll do the airbags as well.
  2. so my plans have changed... and the trailer is actually going to be a loaded 24ft trailer with a car in it as well as my household goods. guessing around 10000lbs. which.. is out of my max tow rating. can I do anything to make that ok?? I have a weight distribution hitch for it. is the max tow capacity based on braking, accelerating, or just an overall rating? I'll be towing to florida during the summer and possibly through the pocono's as well as any other mountains I may run across using the interstate. I thought possibly airbags to help with the load? the trailer has brakes as well (of course)
  3. so I've been reading that disabling the v4 (afm) system actually improves fuel economy? any truth to this?
  4. good to know thank you TimmyG wow really? thats odd. do you have a tuner or a tune GD450?
  5. lol.. I guess the diesels arent 'sensitive' haha! yea, im pretty familiar with hypermiling etc. some vehicles have magic beans you can remove/replace to pick up 1 or 2 mpg etc. thats why i asked lol. my stock size tires will be in,in a few days and are LRR as well so hopefully that helps.
  6. last truck was a cummins with 34.5" tires and a leveling kit. would get about 18-20 in town, 22-24 highway. sat higher than my truck does with the 4" lift. so i didnt think a 4" lift would affect a truck rated 21mpg highway THAT much lol. oh well. I can fix the tire issue now, will fix the lift issue when I have garage access or this spring.
  7. the truck needed tires when I bought it (ones that were on it were SHOT). it came with i believe MOST of the stock suspension stuff to put it back to stock (i will probably be missing a few bolts, definitely missing 1 u bolt) which shouldnt be expensive to acquire. I will be able to install the stuff myself. yea it does, Im quite aware lol!! temperatures in the negatives makes it hard NOT to do that though especially with leather seats haha. so Im going to go with stockish size tires, LRR (either stock height or .5" taller than stock). taking the lift off in the spring or if my friend has space in his biggggg garage for me to pull it in to work on.
  8. I just got it, plan on owning it at least a year or 2. It needed tires when I bought it, so thats not really an issue. Swapping to stock height, not sure how much that would cost, it did come with a lot of the stock parts so mostly time and effort vs money. I like the looks of the lift etc, but not so great fuel economy isnt worth looks IMO. its a good looking truck stock lol. would probably look WEIRD with stock height tires vs 33.5" tires (what was on it when I bought it). The 32.6" toyos dont look 'out of place' but they do look a little smaller and have a very non aggressive tire design vs the TSRs. will not be doing gears as the cost of doing front/rear at the same time would be pretty high up there.
  9. mixed driving. going to try and reduce time warm up idling. i was afraid that would be the first recommendation lol. not sure how hard it will be to put it back to stock lift (I didnt install the lift, bought the truck with it). I was assuming that would be one way to help it out. Seems even with 3.42s the truck is high geared with the 32.6" tires on the highway as it needs to downshift almost constantly on hills if I dont want to bleed a lot of speed. was hoping to hear some 'cheap easy tricks' for mpg improvement, removing air silencer or crap like that. silveradosc540 nice truck man!
  10. Disappointed so far with the mpg of my 2011 chevy. It has 3.42s and the 5.3l. Im only seeing a little under15mpg currently. I just put 32.5" toyo open country H/D (265/65/18) tires on it. It also has a 4" readylift. Im normally very good at getting good FE and am surprised by this. I can usually achieve highway mpg in town etc in most vehicles I drive. When I got it it had safari tsr 275/70/18s and a bad alignment, I thought those were the cause but I was wrong. Are there any tried and true inexpensive things I can do for an increase in mpg? it has 54k miles on it, fresh plugs and a fresh air filter. Im thinking I may try LRR tires instead of the toyos if I can find some with the proper load handling. Maybe in a 255/70/18 to get closer to stock gearing. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Yes, I know its a truck and it wont get great mpg... but my old 97 3/4 ton ram 2500 with a gas eating 360 got 15-16 around town with 4.10 gears. I also plan on swapping to synthetic at my first oil change (It had one just 400 miles ago or I'd change it now).
  11. born and raised in nh lol. not much of a secret for me haha. actually relocating to florida in the spring. Im a retired vet, cold isnt agreeing with me very well sadly.
  12. thanks! heres a pic of the truck
  13. Just picked up my 2011 chevy 1500 crew Lt 4wd. Loving it so far. Actually a mopar guy but I appreciate chevies as well. Have had quite a few of them and learned how to drive/park with a suburban. Truck has a 4" ready lift and had 33.5" tires which I just replaced with 32.5" toyos h/ts. Will post a picture of the truck when I'm not on a mobile device.
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