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  1. I just realized I hadn't thanked you guys for your help. So thank you very much for your help. I used the above site and Got a VIN summary from the dealer. Turns out I have the Z engine code so I took different fluids. for the front and rear diffs. The service went very well though. Thanks again! http://www.amsoil.com/mygarage/VehicleLookupPage.aspx?url2=2006+CHEVROLET%20TRUCKS+SILVERADO%201500%20PICKUP+Z
  2. The things I am asking about may have already been covered in the forums here but I sure can't seem to find it. I tried searching through the forum for an hour before I even signed up and posted this. I tried searching for specific terms like "capacity" or "2006 silverado" or just "front differential" "rear differential" to no avail. I guess I was hoping to get a VIN summary, however I just dug through the forums for another hour and finally figured out that the mods don't want people posting that at this site. It just seems crazy to me that all of this information isn't readily available in the owners manual or in a source online. I was hoping someone out there could tell me a quick way to access the information I am looking for without having to dredge hopelessly through unrelated forum posts.
  3. HI, I want to do the 100K tuneup on my Silverado and have so many questions and don't really know where to turn. Do I need to change my PCV valve? How much Transmission fluid do I need to flush my automatic transmission? Which Transmission filter kit do I need? What fluid do I put in my Front Differential and how much? What fluid do I put in my Rear Differential and how much? What fluid do I put in my Automatic Transfer Case and how much? I have the recommended maintenance list from the manual but there doesn't seem to be specific fluid types or capacities and I can't seem to find it in the manual elsewhere Someone said I could do a VIN lookup but I dont know how to do that. Is that something I can do here? My Vin is: 1GCEK19Z66Z272273 I have a picture of the glove box sticker with a bunch of 3 letter codes but they don't bring much up from internet search. Any and all help will be very much so appreciated, Thanks.
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