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  1. I submitted my form to dealer for reimbursement of the vac pump I had to pay for because I was over 100k miles when it failed. They said I should have a check in 2-3 weeks.
  2. Just got a letter saying the extended warranty for this issue has been bumped up to 150K miles. Submiting for reimbursement for my vac pump I had to pay for.
  3. I had about 115k when the brakes nearly failed. It was always when parking, low idle not 4 cyl mode. The extended warranty only went to 72k. I will certainly never save $850 in fuel by operating in 4cyl mode so that piece if shit vac pump is horrible for the planet. Let's get the global warming crowd pissed at GM. Then maybe they will extend the warranty further.
  4. My truck seems to have more power after the pump was replaced. No idea if that's even possible or not but it sure seems like it.
  5. Luckily I got new brake calipers and condenser replaced under warranty. Both happened around 88-92k. Can't believe they didn't fail 100 miles after the extended warranty ran out.
  6. I paid about $850 to replace pump and 2 hoses. Plus I got the transmission fluid dnd filter changed. $1300 for both.
  7. my 2014 is getting repaired right now. Almost $900 parts and labor.
  8. I made appointment to get this fixed Friday. I'll be over 122k by then. I hope it's under $1K.
  9. I had this issue happen a few times but I'm almost to 120K miles. What are the odds they extend it past 72K miles?
  10. Mine recently began making a pretty loud clunking sound so I took it to the dealer and they said the leaf springs need a shim and lubrication but I also had a loud squealing coming from the front whenever I turn and that turned out to be the calipers so they replace the calipers and brake lines under warranty because they were sticking but then wanted $1,069 to replace the front rotors front pads turn rear rotors and replace the pads so I said just do the warranty work and took it to mr. Tire for brakes they said the back was fine didn't need any work they said the front rotors had plenty of meat so turn those put new shoes on front $259 and they didn't fix the clunk because apparently it wasn't covered under my extended warranty I despise going to the dealer for maintenance. You'd think of the pads wore out prematurely because of faulty calipers they would be covered.
  11. I got the diamondback SE. I love it. Took less than 30 minutes to install, should be less than 15 minutes to remove or install in the future. Just had to adjust the locking bar length the first time you put it on. Haven't had much rain since I put it on but I can't imagine any water making it past this thing. I bought some temporary cauking to plug the holes in the bed floor. I haven't done it yet. Want to see if any water comes in while driving before I do. The tailgate seal I put on the sides has me a little worried though. I didn't do the bottom and the side seal doesn't go all the way to the top. But that will apply to any cover I guess. I covered the tie down holes with gorilla tape because I removed the plugs before getting line-x.
  12. Unless money is no object I would get a standard sized 9mm. They are cheaper to shoot and easier to become proficient and maintain it. A tiny sub compact that is no fun to shoot because of the recoil is a bad choice. I'm not nocking them but would never recommend them as a first handgun. Having a matching sub compact to your full size handgun is a great idea. A buddy of mine didn't listen and bought a sub compact and said he couldn't believe how much it kicked. As far as brands go, take everyone else's advice and try before you buy. If not at least pick the one that feels best. And then practice, practice, practice. Get some good ammo for self defense and watch for sales on FMJ to practice.
  13. You could get a muzzle brake on the 308. Should reduce the recoil quite a bit. Don't forget the earplugs because it will be louder.
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