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  1. Try to remove that rot. If not get new floor pans
  2. Steve-O's Silvy Build Thread

    You're welcome
  3. Stupid Stacks

    I think they should make an exemption for some thin this crazy
  4. Stupid Stacks

  5. Stupid Stacks

    Is that a freaking jet on that bug. Also that mustang looks like redneck rice
  6. Bancroft Ontario canada

  7. Stupid Stacks

    Stacks the redneck fart cannon
  8. 1993 truck

    Should I get jegs racing seats?
  9. You have to pump to let the bubbles out. Also open the bleeders
  10. http://www.epa.state.il.us/air/vim/faq/exempt.html
  11. Agreed Usually timing and spark. Also the cats Thank goodness I live in a state that only test odbii cars and trucks
  12. Nice if can get a good price go for it

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