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  1. The Taillights are Eagle Eyes. I have had a set from the same company on my corvette for several years without any problems at all. The lights look good and easy installation. http://www.ebay.com/sch/sis.html?_kw=PAIR+%22L.E.D.%22+LED+TAIL+LIGHTS+SMOKE+PLUG+N+PLAY+FOR+2014-2015+GMC+SIERRA+1500&_id=301219134579
  2. Where did you tie into the truck at? I am going to wire in my LED License Plate Frame. Need to know the easiest place to tie into running lights at. thanks, Rick
  3. Rough Country 2 1/2" Front and 1" Back Levelling Lift. Stock 20" Wheels and Tires.
  4. Just purchase the one for the camera, mine had the camera. You just have to swap the little bracket around in there. Very easy. Same exact assembly you have now, but with a chrome handle. Looks a whole lot better though.
  5. Mine was only the handle. Looks pretty good though. Easy to install.
  6. I get people flashing me all the time, but the truck is at a different angle then stock with the front 1 1/2" higher then what the back was raised.
  7. I had the Rough Country levelling kit installed a while back. 2 1/2" front and 1" back. Looks great. One question for anyone that did this, do you need to adjust your headlight aiming? Appears to be a little high. Thanks, Rick
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