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  1. mobil 1 annual protection 5w-30w, changed per OLM which is every 7,500mi. Fram Ultra synthetic filter. 92,000mi. on 4.3 v6.
  2. https://pqia.org/shell-rotella-gas-truck-full-synthetic-sae-5w-20-motor-oil/ This is the pqia test results for rotella gas truck 5w-20w. I like the low noack volatility of 7.2 ! Assuming the 5w-30w is similar I think it is excellent oil for the 4.3 ecotec3. Healthy doses of zinc, moly and boron too.Whats to not like?
  3. I previously attempted to have my vacuum pump updated on my 2014 sierra after experiencing loss off braking power at very low rpm while parking. Problem was truck was at 73,400 mi. warranty was only up to 72,000 mi. Dealer said call GMC. GMC said (after 3 calls and 2 escalations) no exceptions ! I was Pissed !! Was going to install pump myself but had not got around to it yet. Than new letter came out with 10 year 150,000 mi warranty. Took my truck in today and dealer replaced pump and performed recall all under warranty. Brakes work really nice at idle and low rpm now. GM should have fixed it on my first request! Oh well its fixed.
  4. how about a few tanks or more of e-85 ? If your truck is capable.
  5. The "Gas Buddy" app is pretty good at locating E-85 stations.
  6. FYI. Today I had 275/60-20 Kumho Crugen's (poor man's Michlen Ltx's) installed on my stock 20" GMC rims. The fit is good with plenty of room with wheels straight. With wheels fully turned in both directions there is no rubbing on the inner plastic/fiber wheel wells.It does come close,Approx. 3/8", but does not touch. My truck is a bone stock DBL cab 2 wheel drive. Z60. I went with the 275/60-20 for a little more side wall on a truck tire. (I'm old school). Do note the 2019 GMC Sierra SLT's use the same 275/60-20 on there 20" rims. I do notice a little less harshness on the road bumps and im at 40 psi .I'm happy with the up size. Hope this info helps.
  7. If you feel like going threw the trouble, buy a chipped blank online ebay ...etc. $5. Take it to an Ace hardware and have them cut it.$5 or $10 depends on the guy cutting it.Than program like 15 HDriver stated. Make sure to check the key in the door and ignition before you leave the parking lot.Might have to go back in for a little deeper cut on the key. Worked for me but did require a little time.
  8. I was told that Fluid Film was not recomended on the newer GM trucks.It will soften the wax type undercoating and make it even more prone to coming off.This was stated by a Fluid Film rep.Its good stuff,I used it on my 2004 F-150 recently with good results but decided to pass on my 14 GMC. I also consider a full heavy rinse with the garden hose the best approach.It is not the funnest job but salt and brine are very corrosive and need to be removed as much as possible.
  9. Have been waiting a long time for this fix.
  10. What about a couple tanks of E85 every once in a while ?
  11. I like to be different ! I'm only going with six quarts and 5w-30w. It will be mobile 1 though.
  12. Just got back from a trip with my 2014, 4.3 v6, 3.23 standard rear end.Pulled a 1953 Hudson Hornet in an enclosed car trailer. Was deffinately towing at max load. trans temp stayed around 196-198 on highway at 61-62 mph in M5 tow haul mode.It was 90 degrees outside and 400 mi of rolling hills.Sure trans did shift on hills ,just like it is desighned to. 14 mpg avg. trans did get to 214 once in a stop and go traffic jam. Did it pull as nice as a 6.2 w/ max tow package ? No. Did it get the job done Hell Yes !
  13. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XZ9PDXW?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=od_aui_detailpages00 I found these key blanks on Amazon. Ordered one, recieved it in a couple days. Took it to an Ace Hardware store with proper cutting machine and had them cut the key.Self programed as per tbarn.(insert original key,turn ignition on but dont start vehicle.Take original key out and insert copy.Turn ignition on but dont start vehicle.Dash will show 3 keys programed.) Works Fine. Total cost.$15.00 . $10.00 for key blank,$5.00 to have cut. Note: I did have to take the key back in to store to have depth of cut increased.Guy said that is normal with these type keys.
  14. Nice info Rob. But where is the 6L80E with 3.23 rear end ?
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