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  1. Hello. This topic pertains to my 2005 Silverado 4.8L with about 170,000 miles, and the identification of Castech cylinder heads per GM's bulletin #06-06-01-019B. The bulletin includes the following instructions/images, Inspect the cylinder head assembly to determine if the casting was manufactured by Castech. This can be accomplished by inspecting for their casting logo located on top of the intake port, under the rocker arm support rail and in the spring deck cavity portion of the cylinder head. I removed the driver side cylinder head valve cover recently to check for coolan
  2. I'm having a similar problem after replacing the catalytic converter about a year ago (went ahead and replaced all four sensors at same time). After hours spent troubleshooting with multimeter, scanner, swapping/switching original and new sensors around, I am fairly certain that it may be the brand I purchased (Denso - different than stock) despite RockAuto listing it as an appropriate replacement for my vehicle. Although a wiring issue might definitely be the source of your code, I'd be curious to know what brand you may have replaced, and further troubleshooting details if interested.
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