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  1. Man you hardly ever show up any more. Well this board went down hill for a while. (not due to mods or staff) But I plan on being around more. I have some plans in store for my truck.
  2. Actually it was a combination of a bad cat and the fuel pump going bad, as in what Wingnut suggested. I would change your fuel filter ASAP. I'm not sure where it is on your truck. But if it's not a plugged filter it may be the pump going bad. Can you hear a electric whine sound coming from the back of the truck? If so, your fuel pump is going bad.
  3. My dad had the same prob with his 5.7. And it was a plugged CAT. I would look at getting that tested. I've heard of Midas and another other local company here Rapid Brake & Muffler 4751 S Memorial Dr that "may" check it for free. You also might want to take it to like an O'reilys or AutoZone that will check your truck for FREE to see if it's throwing any codes, like a bad O2 sensor.
  4. Man, that truck has so many things available for it...It WOULD be hard to figure out where to start. Welcome to the boards. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Very true. When you say project truck what do you mean? Lifted 8 inches? 1/4 mile in the 13's. Both? LOL if you plan on doing both and you have the money to do it, then I'm your new best friend. No, but really what kinda ideas do ya have.
  5. Your mom called you a dirty ho??
  6. Did you guys check the date on this thread? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Why? Is the food spoiled now?
  7. Yeah I may be up to it. As long as there is food involved.
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