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  1. If you're asking about my bumpers...got the truck with black bumpers...planning to black it out some more
  2. Just got this 2014 Silverado High Country 6.2l.
  3. I found out earlier today that dealers can only put orders into the system Thursday through Saturday...also the large dealership, that I am trying to order through, told me 30 min ago that as of last week the 6.2 was on constraint and he was going to try again first thing tomorrow and let me know what's up. Not trying to dash your hopes and really hope you get your truck soon, but like I said i've been trying to get one on order for over 2 months
  4. Do you have an order number and has GM picked up the order, or have you just placed the order at a dealer? I have ordered the truck I want at one dealer at the beginning of August and a couple of weeks ago ordered at a different dealer that is much larger (and has better allocations)...yet I have no order number and have been told that GM hasn't picked the order up yet.
  5. Higgs, out of curiosity when did you order it?
  6. I am gonna wait for it or i wont get a new truck. I don't want to settle and be disappointed later.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has heard if the 6.2s have started being built yet. I put an order in at a dealer in sw OK the first week of august for a 6.2, max tow 1500 CC. All they can tell me us it will be a while because of the engine constraints. They have no other information for me. Really just would like to have some idea of when to expect it or an order number...something.
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