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  1. no its only like 200$ for the gaskets but its having the time and the know how to do it which i don't and send it to someone would have cost several 1,000 plus the part so i bought a 97 gmc yukon 177k miles and has a intake manifold leak for 1700$ which wasn't bad wish it didn't have the leak but usually how my luck goes lol
  2. ok well to everyone who helped i appreciate it and the few people who said i had a blownheadgasket you were correct I ASSUME it was minor at first because we never saw it bubbling into the res but ig as time went on from us messing with it changing the pump and stats and hoses it finaally blew out enough that we could see it bubbling so again thank you to everyone if anyone live in oklahoma and wants to buy a 99 chevy silverado with 280kmiles and a blown head gasket let me know XD but I have a 97 gmc yukon to fix up now if anyone know any good offloading body mods and such let me know
  3. As i said to the others who said this same thing 1 it s a 99 new body style so it is not anywhere near the same as you 98 ( i just got me a 97 the differences are obvious ) i replaced the plastic nipple connecting to the heater core everything is installed correctly and since its a 99 newer style there is NO radiator cap they don't have one at all nothing is by passed or hooked up weird or anything its all done correctly with the recommended parts that should go on it If i need to supply photos of the engine so people can understand what the engine I'm working with is i shall because everyone thinks they are the same as the 98s but they are not and even as other 99s there is 2 very different types of 99 chevy silverados the old body style and the new and i have the new,
  4. as i have stated there is no blockage in anything i flushed everything and as for the stat it is MADE INTO THE HOUSEING on the 99's and up they are no longer a housing and t stat combo just one piece made together so yes it is correct and it is the second one i have put on it brand new.
  5. i have nothing to check the temp with ik for for a fact however that it is not circulating that is clear as day as the res fills up as it over heats and doesn't circulate any further we have heated it to what the gauge says is 260 and my light come on in the truck saying check coolant and after you shut the truck off a red light comes on and states engine overheated and as for a head gasket we haven't pulled it apart as we don't have the time or money for that and there is no coolant in the oil and no oil in the coolant and no coolant is leaking into the compression either.
  6. thanks for the tips but one question as this is a 97 and i have a 99 silverado as well. I know that at one time my silver ado had a blowout and i needed a spare so i bummed one from my friends 98 gmc pickup the tire would not turn as the older models have drum brakes on the back and the newer ones have all disk. SO is there any specifics i have to consider for rims? and ill defiantly add some fender flares to it as well and look into those tires you mentioned thanks!
  7. also its all installed correctly idk what looking at your 01 will do also mines a 5.3 v 8 different from your 4.8 v 6 in terms of serpentine belt and so on as for the info about the stat its the same factory recommended one that when you walk into orileys and say i need a stat for this make and model its the one they give as well as my new water pump and hoses i agree yes its like the stat isn't opening up to let it flow but Y its all new and flowing the correct way BUT when i say i flushed everything i just ran water through them but the water came out clean and clear and just as fast as it was pouring in from the opposite side so i have no clue anymore
  8. Unless I've said it wrong in the initial post which I'm sure i didn't here it all is again as simple as possible IT HAS NEW UPPER AND LOWER RADIATOR HOSES ALL NEW HOSES THAT GO FROM THE RESIVOUIR TO THE PUMP AND TO THE HEATER CORE(BOTH OF THE HEATER CORE HOSES) HAS NEW WATER PUMP AND IS ON ITS SECOND BRAND NEW TSTAT AND I HAVE FLUSHED THE BLOCK, RADIATOR AND HEATER CORE THE RADIATOR IS LESS THAN A YEAR OLD AND HAVENT HAD PROBLEMS WITH IT AT ALL THE WATER DOES NOT CIRCULATE FULLY THE RES LINES GET HOT BY THE WATER PUMP THE UPPER HOSE GETS HOT SO ITS FLOWING INTO THE RAD THEN IT STOPS IN THAT LOWER HOSE i can't give picture of the "broken part" as there is no broken part its not flowing correctly idk why I appreciate the help but constantly telling me its the stat over and over doesn't help its on a second brand new stat so i do not know anything else i can tell you.
  9. Ok so i just got this 97 gmc yukon here and I'm looking for some nice but affordable rims for it and just some nice little add ons to give it a meaner 4x4 look if you have any suggestions let me know ALSO whats a good exhaust system for it someone put a flow master on it but idid a poor job so it rattles and the mufflers sound bad. Its a 1997 GMC SLT Yukon 4X4 4 door Has a 5.7 L V 8 in it Heres a picture of it as well was thinking about doing it the same red color and black (matt black ) accents such as trim and stuff liker that Thanks in advance guys
  10. Ok i appreciate a lot of the help y'all have given but everyone from what you are saying you are speaking like its the older model 99 and it is not the t stat is on the lower radiator hose not the upper and there is no radiator cap on the radiator it is fully enclosed this is the late model 99 we are talking about here the t stat is one build in piece stat and housing are made together and connect into the lower part of the water pump.
  11. we did it just idling and only drove it once when we thought it was working fine and the gauge is maxing out light coming on saying check coolant and the lower hose isn't hot but like I've said several times we've already went through 2 stats a new water pump all new hoses and flushed everything
  12. Ok so i just bought me a 97 GMC Yukon and it will need a set of tires soon and since its a 4x4 i will get some hobby tires something like 75 off 25 on but i would like to find a cool set of rims and tires for around 800ish i ll keep the rims size at 16 and the stock tire size as well but I'm looking for some rims that have nice offset and will make the tires stick out past the fender well just a tad bit to give it a meaner look to it. If anyone has suggestions let me know!
  13. the water pump isn't a rebuild its brand new and the radiator warms all over from what i can tell like i said though its not circulating the upper hose will get hot as hell but the lower ons stays kinda warm WHICH usually would mean the stat isn't opening but this is the second stat we've put into it so i have no clue what is wrong with it anymore there is no blockage in anything not the heater core not the block and not the radiator
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