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  1. I had to get a picture with the Wisconsin country sunset behind it.
  2. Nice. Does it have the 6.2? This spring I picked up a 2018 denali with 50k miles for 35k. Totally stock. So apparently prices aren't going down
  3. Looks nice! What product did you use for the overlays? I have been considering doing this.
  4. Finally got my new truck. Last crew cab I had was a 2007 silverado, time for another one.
  5. Finally got a truck, 2018 Denali in Dark Slate color. 5.3 with 8 spd. I really like this trans so far.
  6. Still haven't found the perfect truck. Getting close especially with prices coming down some right now. Does anyone know for sure, is the truck equipped with adaptive cruise control only if you see the little gap length button on the left side of the steering wheel?
  7. Thanks for the reply! Waiting for the exact right thing I want and don't want something I will hate. For work I drive a 15 with 6 spd trans and it shifts fine, just the fear of the unknown LOL
  8. I am going to buy a 17 or 18 truck soon and am wondering about the bad things I hear about the 8 speed. I will be looking at 50k plus mile to get the price in my range so won't have warranty. Is it something I should avoid? Or if everything else is exactly what I want is it fine? What is the consensus here?
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